Windows 10 – Ten Features You Need to Know

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Windows 10 – Ten Features You Need to Know

Windows 10 has arrived on July 29, 2015, with many interactive and smart features. It is interesting to make a list of some of the awesome features of it. But, prior to this, let us have a glimpse of an amazing feature of Windows 10, which is exceptional and out-of-the-box. It is Wi-Fi Sense. It is safe until we think about any exaggerated situation. It facilitates Wi-Fi network sharing with a single click on a box saying, “Share network with my contacts”, and that too, without knowing and disclosing passwords among contacts.

Windows 10

Windows 10

Apart from this, Windows 10 has come up with many other useful and interesting features. Let’s scratch the surface of them while mentioning only ten such features:

  1. Start Menu, Welcome back: It is back in Windows 10. Microsoft attempted to remove the Start Menu in Windows 8. It was regarded as a controversial move and, maybe, as a rectification, the Redmond giant brings the Start Menu back again in the latest version.
  2. Forget Siri and Google Now, we have Cortana: Microsoft’s personal voice assistant Cortana is available in Windows 10. It is a handy scheduler and much more on signing Microsoft account. It can quickly give the answer to almost every question like Apple and Google counterparts.
  3. IE, we will miss you: Famous (oh, not that much) Internet Explorer (IE) is replaced by Microsoft Edge browser. It comes with Cortana integration and a text-only reader mode along with an annotation tool. It is time to forget IE and to get ready to accept the new Edge browser.
  4. Multiple desktops, why not: Microsoft has taken care of professionals while developing Windows 10. Win-Tab is introduced to add new desktops, and jump between them. Geeks will surely appreciate this feature and enjoy running multiple apps on different desktops at a time.
  5. Continuum gives the touch mode: Microsoft has done well to convert the PC into a tablet if it has a touch screen. It is possible through Continuum. Users can enable a touch mode with it and make their PCs behave like tablets. Keyboard and mouse will switch to desktop mode again.
  6. Universal apps on their way: Microsoft pushes developers hard for developing universal apps that can uniformly work on all the MS devices. Netflix, VLC, and Plex are such apps, and as Windows 10 encourages universal apps, we cannot rule out more in the pipeline.
  7. Command on command prompt: The command prompt is highly exciting as it takes a form of keyboard shortcuts. It is easy to paste it in commands! We can say that we will have more command on the command prompt in Windows 10.
  8. Enterprises, Microsoft is with you: Microsoft has made Windows 10 more appealing for businesses and the enterprises. It is the most powerful OS till date with several enterprise-friendly features and robust mechanism. It can separate personal and corporate data.
  9. OneDrive for fetching files: “Fetch files” feature is back with OneDrive in Windows 10. Users can enable it and use the OneDrive website to “fetch a file” from anywhere on a connected Windows PC (till PC’s power is on!)
  10. Snap Windows with Snap Assist: Finally, Snap Assist enables the end-users to snap windows into the new screens and tile Windows. Again, it is a useful feature for professionals as they can readily snap windows as and when required.

It is worth to mention in the words of Windows Insider as conclusive remarks: This (Windows 10) combines the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7. In brief, Windows 10 is all set to offer more personalized and familiar experience.

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