Record! 25 New Employees Joined IndiaNIC Today!

By admin Feb 6, 2021, 10:37:20 AM , In People
Record! 25 New Employees Joined IndiaNIC Today!

Today is a very special day for IndiaNIC. The occasion is to welcome the new employees, new members of our wonderful family, new branches of an ever-expanding tree- IndiaNIC!

Today, twenty-five new employees joined IndiaNIC in different departments like Android, iOS, and PHP development. All the IndiaNICians cheered loudly as they welcomed their new colleagues. A few senior employees welcomed them with classical songs and melodious music.

We are sure that all these new employees have become an integral part of our continuous journey and compelling thrust toward success. IndiaNIC’s workforce is becoming strong enough with these new employees to address clients’ demands while efficiently cope with the increasing orders.

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