Tips on Project Support Services (PSS) in an IT Company

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Tips on Project Support Services (PSS) in an IT Company

The fortune of any project depends on the effective and intelligent management, the task that is handled by the project manager. Also, the success of project is in its availability on time and within the budget; again, both of these are readily provided by the PSS. Project Support Service is an ability to deliver against your target by providing superior and effective client services leading to client satisfaction. PSS helps in achieving goals and aims of the company.

Client satisfaction is what it wants

Aims and objectives:

  • Giving excellent project related administrative support services
  • Having the effective communication between the clients and the project manager
  • Maintaining central project records, database for regular reports and analysis
  • Maintaining well sophisticated relationship and achieve double win situation
Flawless project support leads to client satisfaction

Flawless project support leads to client satisfaction


As client satisfaction is the major concern here; following are the duties to fulfill client services which includes…

  • Project fulfillment and resolution to escalations
  • Solving client issues and complaints as per client expectations
  • Taking timely project feedbacks and analyzing for future reference
  • Overcoming hurdles and preparing to face the complex jobs that require a lot of hard work
  • Taking responsibility to track monthly payments and produce monthly reports
  • Organizing and managing the inbuilt system used by Project Management.

Feature and parameters:

It is the core responsibility of project support team to ensure that overall services offered by them are up to client satisfaction. Following are the parameters of major concern…

  • Client’s experience: PSS should takes the regular feedback about the client, so as to check what client’s experience is up to. And this information is then shared with the internal team members for progress of the project
  • Every client is important: Consider every client as individual and equally important by not comparing the project ideas of one with other firm
  • Be a query-sorter: Each client may come up with multiple questions that can be direct or indirect. Project support must serve them as a ‘query-sorter’ and help them to meet their expectations
  • Deliver concrete information: Every bit of information should be accurate and exact. No false commitments are to be made to the client.
  • Be benevolent: Communicate in a way that the client feels friendly, as it will be easy for them to explain their problem to you and it’ll positively affect the final project execution
  • Reports and process monitoring: Project support prepares the monthly regular reports and hand it over to the Project Management office head.
  • Also ensure that all the designed processes are followed accurately by all the Project Managers throughout the project timeline. Prepare matrix of the reports created by the Project Managers and handover the same to PMO Head on timely basis.

Just a few points to remember and you can build a robust system for Project Support management that can be used as a protocol for every project and client. Do remember here that every client brings you a potential opportunity and provides you with a chance to grow faster and better.

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