Transfer Data from MAC to iPhone, iPad or iPhone, iPad to MAC Wirelessly – Clippy App

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Transfer Data from MAC to iPhone, iPad or iPhone, iPad to MAC  Wirelessly – Clippy App

Whether you want to transfer music from iPhone to the computer (MAC) or any files or folders from MAC to iPhone or iPad, you certainly need a medium called iTunes. But revolutionary technology and great applications set you free from depending on any platform.

A Wi-Fi based ‘Clippy App’ helps you transfer data between Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad to MAC and vice versa. All you need is ‘Clippy App’ to be installed on your machines and gadgets.

What is Clippy App?

Clippy App is a revolutionary iOS application for iPhone, iPad and MAC that help transferring data of almost any type without having iTunes as a medium. The app works on Wi-Fi that needs to be turned on to transfer data from iPhone to MAC. Said that, you do not need any cables or cords to transfer data between your Apple machines.

How does Clippy App work to transfer data from MAC to iPhone?

Once your devices (MAC, iPhone or iPad) has this app installed, it starts synchronizing. The application syncs the devices and makes them compatible with each other using a unique password that you need to enter.

Upon synchronizing, this application considers these machines as shared devices. It serves as a medium (just like iTunes in normal cases) and helps transfer data.

Examples of using Clippy App

For text and images, Clippy App works marvelously. For instance, you have a nice image to be shared through Whatsapp. What all you need is to copy from your MAC and since your iPhone is connected with your MAC through this app, it directly saves on your clipboard using which, you can directly paste the stuff on Whatsapp or for that sake anything like email, chatting apps or the like.

Another beauty of Clippy App is if you want to transfer music or video from MAC to iPhone, you just need to go for a right click on the file. The right click opens up the option of ‘send to Clippy App’ and you are done. Your lovely track is now on your iPhone or iPad. It’s that easy!

Unparalleled benefits of Clippy App for data transferring between Apple devices

Wirelessly, it is possible to transfer or share data among Apple devices. Whether you want to share files and folders from MAC to iPhone or iPad, Clippy does it all for you. Here we present the benefits of using Clippy App reading which, you’ll find all reasons to have this magnificent app on your devices.

  • Requires no iTunes
  • Since it’s Wi-Fi based, it uses local network that is much more powerful and swift
  • One tap transfer of any data between Apple devices/machines
  • Handy tool, does not require any additional software/hardware
  • Lite software, does not slow down your machine or device
  • Sending, sharing or transferring data is a child’s play
  • No cable or cord required
  • Secure transfer, proved in vigorous testing
  • Easy copy-and-paste option as if you are using your personal computer’s native feature!

Sharing or transferring data between MAC and iPhone/iPad or vice versa was never been so easy before. Clippy App has revolutionized the process of data transferring between Apple machines and devices by removing any medium (iTunes) and cables. You can have this for free for your personal or professional use.

Download Clippy App from iTunes now and start transferring data from iPhone/iPad to MAC computer or the other way round.

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