4 Ways A Web Design Adds Business Value

By Abhishek Amin Oct 19, 2021, 4:54:15 PM , In UI / UX
4 Ways A Web Design Adds Business Value

Creating a simple design that is destined for “Success” is a complex process. 
You must have wondered why it is so ‘expensive’ to hire a decent web designer? Because there are a lot of processes which are needed to be followed in order to start the design process.

Find Out Why Web Design is Expensive!

It includes the amount of time required to knowledge sharing sessions to brainstorm about the project and business goals, strategic planning, research, and analysis, etc. Web designers need to know all the bits and pieces in order to create the wireframes and add themes that perfectly encapsulate your brand’s identity. 

The professional designers also create a functional prototype to demonstrate the user journeys even before the website development starts.

This is where you, as a client, can have a good look at your website in order to make or suggest any changes that could increase the overall visitor experience. In other words, you are simply boosting the chances of your website being a success by following this standard web design process.

This is where great brands get created on one hand and growing companies lose a chance to become great brands if they opt to choose a cheaper web design approach. 

Look at Apple Inc. for an instance. They have invested a huge sum in advertising and communications design, and today it commands market-leading premiums on its products. This holds true for all major, successful companies. 

Different Ways Web Design Adds Value to Your Business

Trust me on this, investing in a beautiful design will deliver handsome ROI and you will chuck the initial doubts of ‘web design being an expensive affair’ out of the window. Let us now have look at four ways your business value and identity are enhanced by a web design.

Helps you define a brand strategy

You may sit down and read about the death of brands in the age of Amazon. The ground reality is that several businesses, even the ones operating on a small scale, are able to monetize the brands that they have developed over the years. Two easy ways a defined brand strategy helps you are:

  1. It helps you command a premium in the market.
  2. It helps your brand seem more accessible to your target audience.

Now, unless you are in the consumer packaged goods, you might have never tried to define your brand’s strategy; but when you sit down to get your website designed, you will have to become more self-aware about the brand strategy you have in place. Thus, web design makes you more deliberate about the brand strategy you should have. 

Interactive Web Design Brings Customers Close to Your Business

A professional web design team’s core job is to make the website’s interaction with the visitors more lucid and a web designer may choose any number of tools to achieve this. Thus, at its heart, web designing plays the role of a problem-solving function.

A good web design will help you drive your company’s message home in a crystal clear way. What market space you are operating and what features you offer – are all communicated via an intuitive, elegant, and user-friendly web design.

Brings down the bounce rates on your website

Here is where web design starts emerging as a necessary function, rather than yet another marketing expense. Poor websites will always get penalized and might not even get the chance to showcase the business’ value proposition since the visitors will immediately choose to move away from the website.

Every digital marketer knows that the bounce rate you have on your website will have a direct impact on the money you have to spend to get traction on Google Adwords. Hence, by simply having a good web design, you can literally save thousands in marketing pounds you would otherwise have to shed for Google Adwords’ bids.

Helps you differentiate your business from the competition.

Finally – today, having a website in itself is not a differentiator. After all, anyone can start a website in less than an hour. So, the only moat your business can have in the digital ecosystem is having a remarkable digital presence – which starts with having a highly functional and user-friendly website.

Why IndiaNIC is the Right Choice for Web Design Services?

As a globally established software app development company since 1997, we know the success mantra of designing, developing, and delivering the most successful websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

To be honest, an aesthetic user interface of any website or app is just not a fluke or magic. A lot of efforts that go behind the scenes with effective brainstorming and collaborative sessions are the catalysts behind the design’s success. 

We spend efforts in finding, creating, and experimenting to invent perfect textures, shades, palettes, etc. everything from the atomic level. Our designs will deliver the look and feel of your brand and its authenticity by holding your business values throughout the website. We follow industry standards to build custom web designs that will communicate most effectively. 

With IndiaNIC, hire a web designer and rest easy. It is our design experts’ job to consider details such as branding, themes, concepts, design flow, user interface, image manipulation, typeface selection, and more.

Contact our design experts to share your ideas and get started.

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