2014 Web Design Trends Knocking the Door

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2014 Web Design Trends Knocking the Door

As we change the calendar, update our organizers and align future objectives, we will remember 2013 as an immortal year. The year baffled our visions and technology beliefs. It was the year, which will demand its mention in every book written on technology. We witnessed major technology breakthroughs and unearthed inventions. On one hand, where the smartphone market experienced a colossal upsurge, on the other hand, there was a steady progress in the website design trends that augmented business presence on the web frontier. But, that is gone, and now is a part of History.

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The New Year is here with numerous opportunities and web design trends that would optimize business performance and ensure their sustenance amidst cut-throat competition. Check out the web design trends gearing to influence the World Wide Web in 2014.

Fonts with personality

Fonts with personality would transform conventional webpages. These fonts will stand independently. They won’t rely on graphics and imagery aids to influence the visitor. Designers are already trying multiple fonts with a personality that would add uniqueness to their designs without hurting the professional website design.

Flat design like iOS7

iOS 7 brought along design aesthetic and as Jony Ive said, ‘we brought order to complexities.’ This marked the beginning of a new trend on the mobile and web landscape. Flat designs will flourish in 2014. There are already many websites featuring flat designs, and it does seem a trend that would last in the long-run.

Good bye sliders

Sliders are no longer working. They are urgently being replaced by large hero areas. The homepage of the websites would look to fascinate the visitor with a compelling image and a supporting text in the center. This would be the new success mantra for business websites looking to become attention-grabbers by being elaborate and creative.

Mobile centric approach

Mobile web will become a friendlier place for accessing websites on multiple mobile devices. On one hand, designers are working hard to optimize websites for mobile devices, on the other; developers are taking it a step ahead. Mobile websites will be integrated with social media; they will have options for email subscriptions and would be long and load fast.

Videos will overtake text

The large hero areas of the website will have videos rather than texts. This will be seen in the upcoming websites. Video are easy to share and receives good response in comparison to written text. Moreover, it is also useful to convincingly communicate technical topics.

Sites with long scrolling

Long scrolling sites will be back on the board. As designers go for elaborate design by keeping the website responsive, long scrolling sites will be obvious. In the past, long scrolling websites were slammed with content, but now the content is precisely placed and well organized making it easy to grasp.

Simple colors

The year 2014 will see a lot of sites with simple color schemes that do not limit content’s ability. Let me specify simple colors would only have one or two colors throughout the site. No lavishness and unnecessary website vibrancy aided by colors. Black, white and gray will be the dominant color scheme with precise use of red to add drama and drive focus.

Content will rule (but content precision necessary)

Content will horn its value on the competitive landscape. However, the necessity of precise content and to-the-point information would drive website trend. Instead of long narratives, designers will focus on short and captivating content that provides the needed information even when the page is being skimmed.

Sidebars may disappear (for blogs or magazine type sites)

To create a compelling experience, sidebars may be sacrificed. This would be beneficial for blogs and magazine sites largely focusing on content. This would also promote the development of responsive websites easily and quickly.

Directed imagery

Websites will feature images those are blurred with color overlays and also reminiscent images with filters. Most of these types of experiments will be witnessed in the hero area where designers will work hard to give a rustic look to images that perfectly synchronizes with the site.

These are some of the web design trends that we can expect in 2014 based on a close analysis and research about our behavior on the website. Considering the consistent web growth, developers and designers will experiment beyond existing and expected trends. Things like web animation can also become a handy tool to lure visitors. However, I hope these trends stay for a long time and give designers and developers a sigh of relief for at least a year.

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