ASP NET Programming- Duet Elegance And Security

By admin Feb 9, 2021, 1:10:40 PM , In Web Development

Here in this Blog I would like to mention the parameters on which one should prefer ASP NET to the other frameworks. As ASP NET evolves in the year 2002 and till then it is enhancing businesses and become favorite choice among the developers. There are reasons like security and simplification in operating, which counts us more important. I think Security is one of the major reasons because nobody would like to take a chance with the confidentiality of any business.

Cost And Compatibility
MySQL can be accessed for free and tough as PHP uses MySQL for database connectivity, which is highly flexible in nature.

As Linux is free operating system and it can be used for running PHP programs. Therefore overall cost developing a website in PHP language is quite low as on the other side to run ASP NET Program you need to install Internet Information Server (IIS) which is a window server platform.

Simple Coding And Background Language Support

Coding language is simple and there are background language support too Syntax and Syntax of ASP is more or less similar to Visual basic Syntax and this is so simple as well. As there are other framework like PHP whose coding is simpler than this but tough it is not complicated too.

While on the other hand like other framework PHP can offer measures for ensuring security of data PHP NET is known for the creation of sophisticated techniques to ensure the safety of confidential data related to business or anything. This is also one of the appropriated reasons why governments opts ASP NET programming for the securing all its data.

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