Benefits and Tips to Remember while Designing Highly Effective Print Designs- Part 1

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 8:26:10 AM , In Web Development

Print mediums for marketing have been effectively used for years now. The oldest form of marketing known to the human kind is still going strong even when the Internet has taken over the world of business and entertainment. The reason is simple; it still gives you the effect of prominence and surely of authenticity is the wake of fraudulent materials floating all over the market. The assurance you feel when you have the product right in front of you, in your hands cannot be replaced by anything virtual.

So lets see how this print medium still holds its place. As this is a vast area of expertise I have divided it into parts wherein I am going to distribute the information in number of articles to follow covering one single topic in each of them in detail. So lets unfold them one by one and I am starting with the leaflet designing and what are the main features one must take care of while designing them and the reasons to support them.

Why leaflets are considered to be effective is because they can be handed over directly to your target audience. This is one of those marketing option that reaches closest to the users and if designed and used properly it can become a very viable tool to distribute your brand and information related to it. So what are the things that you should remember to make it powerfully loaded and eye catching, something that is implausible to ignore and that captures the attention and force the users to take an action and buy your service or product.

In reality, any kind of effort you make for promotion will be met by a fierce competition from various agencies in the market. So you would need to stand out and create interest in the readers and that’s why your headline will have to be very catchy because it’s a known fact that 80% of your prospects will read only your headline. It should be such that it entices the reader to go further.

There are two kinds of headlines, viz bent and straight. A straight headline would be something like, “ Hire Cost Effective Designer” and on the other hand bent would go like “ Low Costs – High Returns.”

Once you are done with the headline, its time to concentrate on the copy. Now if you have chosen a bent headline that is funny and twisted, back it up with some serious facts about the product or the service. Don’t get carried away and make it a joke altogether. The copy needs to reflect the positive points of whatever you are marketing to keep the attention span of the readers. Put down the benefits, advantages and features so that there is no let down.

Follow this will a strong design and typeface. Fonts are again extremely important as everything boils down to readability. If the user cannot read the content, the whole point is lost. So keeping that in mind keep your fonts readable and the best way to do it is keeping it simple. Fonts like Arial, Times, Helvetica and Gill work the best for all time success.

All this has to be further backed up by minute details like use of space, contrasting graphics, colors and call for action. Using all these properly can make for a leaflet that can be highly effective in the real time. Target your audience, set the goals for action, stick to the context and fulfill your purpose and you have the right recipe for success.

This was all about the leaflet/flyers. In the coming articles we will go into the details about how to work with hoardings, brochures and business cards. Be there the next time to know more about the power – print design is.

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