Benefits and Tips to Remember while Designing Highly Effective Print Designs- Part 3

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 8:24:17 AM , In Web Development

In the series of these articles that I have been writing from last two times on the print marketing tools, this is the third part and I am going to talk about logo design and the aspects that are important to make a lasting Logo Design.

Logo is probably the most important aspect of a company’s image. It’s not just a print design of creative thinking but a logo is for inspiring trust, recognition and admiration for a company or product, it carries the entire entity and the brand image of a company or a product. This is why it is of prime importance that a logo is very well though out and designed with utmost care.

There are few basic requirements that a logo should satisfy, these are:

  • Describable
  • Memorable
  • Must be effective without color
  • Scalable i.e. effective when just an inch in sizes

Logo, as said before, is not just a graphical representation but it says what a company is all about. It is the first thing that will remain in the mind of your customers and they will recognize you with that. This is why it should describe your company’s idea behind its working, its main philosophy and what the company is all about.

So to achieve that recognition value, there are certain things to keep in mind. First and foremost is to keep it simple or KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Your customers are not going to sit back and have an intense look at it. There will either be glances or quick looks, so it should be a non-diverting composition with few elements so that it is easy to remember and decipher. It’s a surprising fact that most of the best designers spend 1/4 of the entire project time in designing the logo and the next 1/4 of the time in simplifying it.

Another design aspect to great logos is that it should be in the vector format so that it can be expanded to any extent. You are going to use your logo on various places from a pen to web sites, banners, printed material such as business cards, t-shirts and coffee mugs, boards and hoardings etc.  So it should have the capability of expanding and not getting pixilated or blurred. And thus the requirement of it being scalable.

Keep in mind that there are not many distractions like high-end graphics, too many color combinations, texts, fonts and complicated compositions. Let the logo be flexible enough to look good both in color and black n white, as there might be instances where you might not be able to use colors. Take for example the logos of Nike or McDonalds. Both are very simple and easy to remember and recognizable. They fulfill all the requisites that I have listed above.

A logo is going to tell your audience about you and your product, so you should be very careful while designing them. But if you follow the points discussed above you are sure to create successful designs making a place of your own in your customer’s minds.


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