CakePHP Development for Rapid Application Development

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 5:49:54 AM , In Web Development

PHP is one of the widely used scripting languages in web development. Its popularity depends on its flexibility and open source nature. However, the same features result in poorly written and hard to maintain codes. To overcome these drawbacks PHP frameworks have been introduced. CakePHP is one of the popular frameworks for PHP development.

CakePHP streamline the development process and promote rapid application development by decreasing the amount of coding for your developer. This way at one end you can save the valuable time of your developer and at other end money of your clients.

Model View Controller Paradigm

CakePHP use Model, View, Controller pattern (MVC). This pattern separates the data that makes up the application (i.e. the Model layer) from both the implementation of graphical user interface (the view layer) and the business logic (the controller layer). This means each of the layers can be worked on by separately or independently by relevant experts. Thus, a graphical designer with no knowledge of programming will be concerned with view layer only. A database expert will be concerned with Model layer and PHP programmer will concentrate on business logic code in the Controller layer. This separation of focus helps to make the whole process a lot faster, smoother and much less complicated.

Concentrate on the Fun Stuff

There are many things common to all web projects, the file structure, user data checking, forms, CRUD functionality, etc. It is really tedious to do it time and time again on different projects. CakePHP will remove the tedious process and speed up development process by automatically creating lots of functionalities for the developers. CakePHP developers can concentrate on the more interesting part of the development rather than focusing on the base structure of the each project. This is especially helping where time is an important factor and developers have to work on deadlines or there are many projects running on parallel.

Code Maintainability

Using CakePHP makes your coding standard. You will tend to use same structure and standards across all the projects. CakePHP sets file structure and it is common across all the projects. Your project becomes highly maintainable and it becomes easier to hand over the project to the new developer. Another great feature of CakePHP is the inclusion of unit and functional testing modules. These encourage developers to think about what application is expected to do and what test can be created to prove whether the application does what it is expected to do.

Conclusively, CakePHP offers helping hand to do robust application development.

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