CakePHP Development– Use Cake PHP to Gain Edge

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 5:52:55 AM , In Web Development

CakePHP Web Development is a rapid application development platform. It is open source and under license MIT so it is free. It uses PHP programming language. It is a structure platform that allows you to work on a structure quickly without losing flexibility.

It eliminates boredom in web application development. It gives tools to write things you need. It is specific logic of application. It saves you from doing repetitive things when you start a new project you just copy it and focus on main aspects of the project.

Cake PHP supports MVC architecture that helps cakephp developer to follow structured development methodology suitable to achieve maintainability and scalability. The logical separation of the layer greatly helps in locating and fixing error so debugging and testing is simpler. It reduces code repentance in the project. It has upgradeable infrastructure so you can easily upgrade your site without the fear of losing any functionality that is available.

Cake is easy to understand and sets the industry standard in security, session handling and among the other things. It is fast, flexible and templating. It has cool scaffolding. It has built in view helpers for Ajax, JavaScript and HTML forms. It provides powerful data validation features and it works from any web directory with little or no configuration involved.

It supports ORM-Object Relational Mapping, it is a technique for converting data between incompatible type system in data bases and object orienting programming languages. It has a proper class inheritance. Cake has two main folders in each project. One is the core lib and another is application specific. CakePHP web application can easily extend with Components, Helpers, Behaviors and Plug-ins. Rather than extend Cake’s core libraries, special functionality can be placed in components, helpers, behaviors and a combination of Models, Views and Controllers encapsulated as Plug-ins – this way you can modularize your projects.

It has CRUD scaffolding. CRUD means create, read, update and delete. It is extremely helpful because with single line of code you can see preliminary view of your application. Cake has the ability to create test, which help you check critical points in your application.

In short, Cake PHP gives robust application development environments and tools and makes your project a success.

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