Custom Website Design – Way to Gain An Edge

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 6:11:40 AM , In Web Development

Most of the business lives in an impression that custom website design means make a stunning design that makes an instant hit. But this is not true. Making a jazzy design is not custom web design. Custom website design is easy on eyes. It may be simple but good looking. It must have uncomplicated navigation. It must be user friendly and interactive. It should have rich content. It should be SEO friendly.

Creating custom website design is not a one man job at all. You need a good graphic designer, HTML coder, other languages experts, multimedia persons, etc. Therefore, hiring a freelancer will not work for you. You should have a group of all experts or you should hire all from a web design outsourcing company.

Use multimedia content in your website but go judiciously and SEO friendly ways. Use flash but with HTML so search engines can crawl your website. Don’t overtly use flash or gif animation otherwise your website loading time will increase considerably.

Graphic design should be in a theme so it can convey a message of your branding. Graphics should never hide the important elements of the site. Do simple design but easy on eyes and convey your messages to your audience. Your navigation must be simple and logical. Your navigational elements should be prominent and can be distinguished from the other graphic elements. Use more than one navigational route to reach at your target that increases the easiness for users.

Content is king on the website. Use text and image with good combination. For textual content, use right keywords in right proportions. So your content becomes not only user friendly but also SEO friendly. Use fresh content because people and search engines like it. Use Content Management System because it is most convenient to use.

Most of the businesses make a mistake that they don’t provide good content. Good content attracts the visitors, retain them on the site and convert them into a prospective buyer. Use call of actions sentences, graphics, etc. so your user can be tempted to buy a product or services.

Make your website interactive. It must request feedback, take opinions, solicit suggestions, maybe give away newsletters, and do whatever it takes to interact with your visitor.

Make your website search engine friendly. Use good title, Meta description, etc. so it becomes a stand out in the eyes of search engines. Generate search engine friendly page URLs so it can be crawled easily. Use alt tag for images.

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