Digital solutions that will drive your online learning business to success

By Rania Sep 4, 2020, 4:24:44 PM , In Web Development
Digital solutions that will drive your online learning  business to success

In the past two decades, we watched our world get invaded by the internet changing perspectives and simple life concepts like communication, shopping, the way to do business, and the way to learn.

Online education is a concept that consists of using the internet from anywhere (mostly from home) to learn. it boomed not so late after the internet became a core in our lives. It first started with some Universities and education establishments that offered some courses online to reduce traffic on campus, give more options for physically disabled or unavailable people who want to learn, gain popularity among foreign students, and face course interruption due to the bad weather. Later expanded as a concept to include any educational process and many business fields from software development and technical learning to even online dancing classes allowing users to literally learn everything online without moving from your chair at home.

Here are some of the faced challenges that pushed online education to become a thing

The existing problems in the market

  • High competitivity in the market 
  • Lack of pedagogical educational sense 
  • No quality data for analytics and process improvement 
  • Delayed courses
  • Rates of absenteeism among students and teachers
  • Lack of flexibility in educational regimes 
  • Companies not finding the time or do have the structure to give employees extra learning and certificates 
  • lack of motivation and discipline in schedule among learners
  • Frauds
  • Natural disasters and global scenarios

Due to the global scenario of COVID -19 pandemic what used to be optional became a must. Thousands of educational businesses suffered shutdown due to long lockdowns and people being precautious about their health pushing many businesses to adapt to the digital era and upgrade their work to online and other exciting businesses to adopt more efficient digital solutions.

It doesn’t matter if you are an individual teacher, a company, or a whole establishment it’s simply a situation of forced survival.

What is online education? and what are its available options?

Online education is the process of learning that is done remotely relying on technology and the internet while E-learning (electronic learning) can be Computer-based training, Web-based training, Internet-based training, online training, etc, m-learning (mobile learning) relies on social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices mainly the smartphones

Facts to consider

  • The world we know is simply run by mobile with an astonishing 5.15 billion users across the globe 53% among them are students using their smart-phones to conduct researches for learning purposes
  • 60% of students were affected by the lockdown leading to a huge number of available  potential customers
  • 25% of parents say they are concerned about social distancing measures and are not ready to take their kids back to school and are looking for online alternatives.
  • Around 59% of the U.S. e-learning market share comes from content-related online learning products
  • It is estimated that more than 30% of American students are enrolled in at least one online course and 11% of workers are taking complementary courses to improve their careers

online learning software development


Software Solutions to run a successful online education business

Adopting adequate technologies is the best solution to boost any kind of business. While developing an online education platform you need to make sure of the integration of the right efficient technologies. Here are some deployed technologies and software solutions examples to upgrade to online learning.

Learning Management system (LMS)

Custom management systems enable the tracking, monitoring, delivery, and management of e-learning /m-learning courses to keep them up to date using a custom e-learning development to create, change, and assign courses for students.

Interactive e-learning

Making an impact comes along with creating engagement among users. The deployment of augmented reality, AIML technologies, and authoring tools allow the generation of engaging and creative content to boost interaction with learners.

Augmented reality

What can be more interactive than the actual replication of a real-world environment? Augmented reality visual content ensures interaction and engagement and catches the attention of learners as  It simplifies complex concepts in a more appealing visual way. apps and digital solutions based on AR can help deliver efficient learning.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Enables the personalized learning process with a flexibility that enhances user experience. It conducts smart fast research to suggest the best courses suitable for the user’s personal identity, interests, availability, and preferred modality of learning or payment. It also helps in tracking the learner’s level of improvement and any frauds or replications in assignments.

Data security

A secure e-learning portal helps protect the student data from being hacked and ensures their security. It includes host security, network security, malware prevention, etc.

internet of things (IoT)

IoT helps to create a global network among educators and students. Allowing worldwide interaction. It also helps connecting devices and systems within the educational portal he’s using.

School management systems

School management systems are the most popular emerging technology in the educational niche. Such software helps educational institutions to manage their daily academic and administrative activities easily and effectively avoiding manual paperwork and taking many shortcuts in their daily academic and administrative activities.

Mobile apps of all kinds

Allowing the best accessibility, m-learning is the most popular method. IT allows flexibility, allowing students access to education anywhere, anytime. Language learning apps are the best example to mention as they are highly popular.

Virtual  laboratories

Virtual laboratories are web or mobile applications imitating the functional operation at a real laboratory. It enables students to practice in a “safe” environment before using real, physical components, and components.

Web page course outlines

It includes web pages, email marketing, a checkout page, affiliate tracking, and a lovely client interface for delivering course content efficiently.

In- payment

The development of an online education platform for business purposes integrates payment modalities. It usually includes PayPal and google pay and Merchant accounts for debit and credit card

Emailing software

When selling online courses most consumers now expect to receive a confirmation email, reminder emails, course scheduling emails…etc that’s all can be done through such software.

Live classes

Such software allows the course owner to take face to face presentations as if in class, record courses, and even enables real-time response to questions and demands.

Why choose IndiaNIC?

With our years of experience, we came to came to determine real market needs and design tens of successful interactive online learning platforms and software aligned with elements of online learning such as interactions, animations, gamification, stories, themes, and of course perfect  UI/UX to keep your learners engaged. We customize and develop uniquely each and every solution according to the well-analyzed customer inquiries.

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