Don’t Lose Potential Traffic, Hire Responsive Web Designer

By admin Feb 9, 2021, 9:48:45 AM , In Web Development

The Q1 is over, and after a couple of months we now have statistics from all over the world. If you are an entrepreneur and know the importance of online business, the stats may fascinate you. You may then think how potential it is to hire responsive website designer.

The North America has seen an 85 per cent growth from Q1 2010 to Q1 2011 in total Smart device shipment. And the worldwide figure for this is not ignorable too. The smartphones and tablet PCs are penetrating the market faster and deeper. In addition, the trend of browsing Internet through smart devices is increasing by leaps and bounds. Needless to say, smartphones and tablets are easy to carry and quick to navigate and thus most of the people now prefer surfing through them.

Is your website mobile?

The website, when built for desktop, has certain features that will work fine on larger screen. In yesteryears most of the browsing happened on big screens (like desktops and laptops) where the websites were displayed without losing any element or design. But now since surfing through tablets and smartphones has been potentially increased, website owners have to think whether their websites are mobile?

The website, whether social or commercial, is built with some purpose. These all objectives are portrayed on the websites through certain elements such as menus, images, sidebars, headers, footers and the like. Even a single misplacement of any element would potentially hurt the site and fail to serve its purpose .

Though the life-cycle of websites is considered to be long lasting, old websites really don’t do well in technology. As we learned that most of the people now surf through their smartphones and tablet PCs, these websites will go haywire when seen through the smaller devices. The reasons are many –the difference in screen resolution, the operating systems and shrinking the overall webpage.

What is the solution; a common website for all devices?

The solution is simple. You may hire responsive website designer and leave all worries. An ideal responsive web design is defined as beautiful and creative website design that adapts the screen size and responds accordingly. This having said, the responsive website will first check the browser and device it is surfed through and then display the elements accordingly. It’s just WOW technology that helps you saving a lot of money that is otherwise spent on developing various websites for various famous devices like iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Don’t lose business, retain good number of real human visitors

When your website is responsive or adaptive, it gives the same look-and-feel to the viewer on any device it is browsed through. There are many advantages of having responsive web design as mentioned below…

•    Responsive website design has special consideration in search engines
•    The adaptive website will include most essential elements that actually serve the purpose of having website
•    Your products and services are accessible to more millions of people
•    Responsive web design on your webpage will have contemporary technology used and thus it will be latest and up to date
•    You save money on mobile website development for different devices
•    You save money on managing different websites if you have one for the desktop and other for the mobile smart devices
•    A common look and feel builds the trust and visitors may rely more on your products and services
•    Responsive website design is a buzz word and new technology as of now. Hire responsive web designer now and be ahead among your competitors

The responsive website designers are different than normal web designers. They have special skills with HTML5 and CSS3 that is used to build responsive and adaptive websites. Check out the credentials before you rent responsive web designer from an offshore company.

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