Don’t Stay behind when Companies Get on the .NET Bandwagon

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Don’t Stay behind when Companies Get on the .NET Bandwagon

Microsoft’s .NET framework is studded with enterprise-friendly features, and the Redmond-based company keeps on integrating new functionalities and tools as regular updates. Features to facilitate data storage, retrieval and protection enable companies to come up with the next-gen, enterprise-grade web applications. It is one of the major reasons companies opt for .NET framework development for customized software.

Future-ready platform

Earlier versions of .NET were lacking of useful features and customization abilities that restrict developers from making functional web apps with seamless performance. However, the platform marked its presence in those days also because of its developer-friendliness. After a few years of the transition period, the framework has been evolved by growing developer community amid tough competition.

Today, the grown-up platform has a plethora of solutions beneficial for businesses across various industry verticals. The .NET framework has adapted all the changes to become a future-ready platform. The latest version ASP.NET Core 1.0 (formerly ASP.NET 5) brings a redesigned framework that can efficiently deal with the requirements of modern web applications.

Reasons why companies prefer .NET

Many recent announcements from Microsoft and user community indicate that .NET framework strives to stay ahead of its rivals through using all the technological advancements.

The ASP.NET Core 1.0 framework is all set to build customized business applications through the integration of necessary features and services. Some of the notable examples are:

  • A free Red Hat Enterprise Linux developer subscription has been introduced
  • JetBrains and Unity join .NET foundation for technical assistance
  • Xamarin is going to become a part of Visual Studio to enable Android, iOS and UWP app development for any app store
  • Mono is about to join the .NET Foundation

Also, the .NET platform offers many open-source tools and features through its rich library and .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group to develop enterprise web applications in a cost-effective manner.


All these characteristics make .NET a preferred choice for both the developers and the companies. These days, the framework becomes more exciting than it was before because of acting as a powerhouse for a lot of web applications.

No wonder, more and more companies and organizations are continuing to leverage the business benefits from this platform.

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