E-Commerce Website Design Tips

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 6:01:56 AM , In Web Development

Professional ecommerce website design is important for your online business as you market your products and services on the web. You will lose your sales and customers if your website doesn’t look attractive and doesn’t grab the attention of your visitors. In order to save yourself from having a poor quality website you have to concentrate more on visual aspects of your website design.

Many times webmasters have no ideas regarding to creating professional websites. If you want to create good websites then follow the tips below that might help you to improve your existing website or create a new attractive one.

Planning: Good planning is an essential thing for ecommerce website design.

Theme: Choose a topic to build the site about. Good theme is necessary for successful website.

Purpose: What is the purpose to build an e-commerce website? Do you want to sell products or services? Or want to provide information. Or want to do branding. Decide the purpose of your website.

Target Audience: Decide your target audience for e-commerce website. Are they male, female, kids, etc.? Defined target audience helps you to address them properly.

Page loading time: Slow page loading of your ecommerce site is a big issue. If your site takes more than 15 seconds then you will lose half of the visitors of your site. In order to decrease loading time you should have limited images per page. All images must be optimized so they can load faster. Don’t put all content into large table instead choose small tables for them so it can load faster. It is bad to put a banner on the top which takes time to load. CSS is important to reduce the loading time so use CSS instead of table base design. Similarly HTML must be optimized so it can reduce file size.

Browser: Browser compatibility is an issue for web development community. Your website should appear even in all browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Mozilla and their all versions.

Cross platform: Your e-commerce website should run on any OS be it Windows, Mac or Linux whichever. It must be running even with any screen size (1024×768 or 800×600).

Background: Don’t use colorful and fancy background images it will make hard to read the text.

White space: Use lots of white space between headlines, sub-headlines, and paragraphs so your visitors have time to rest their eyes.

Navigation: Navigation must be readable and easy to find. Many a times it is difficult to assume that where the link will lead us. Use the same navigation bar at home page and other pages.

Payment Gateways: Some payment gateways are popular locally so you should incorporate those payment gateways in your e-commerce website.

In Conclusion

A good ecommerce website design should be clear, simple, easy to navigate and good looking. It should be subtle and concentrate on your visitor’s needs. Website design is a way of representing your business on the internet. It creates an image of your company whereby people decide whether it’s worth doing business with you or not.

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