Eight Reasons for Using AngularJS in a Web App

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 7:22:43 AM , In Web Development
Eight Reasons for Using AngularJS in a Web App

As there are numerous frameworks and plugins available to facilitate front-end development of web apps; AngularJS from Google stands out from others as dedicated and highly talented Google community engineers have developed it. It provides advantages of both- an open-source platform and experts’ advices of skilled engineers to have answers to any questions regarding app development through AngularJS.

Since December 2012, the JavaScript framework AngularJS accounts for a lot of web applications ranging from a simple hobby app to complicated company apps. Today, as it gains ground as a viable framework for the client side (front-end) development, it is interesting to jot down the reasons for its rising popularity:

  1. Google’s comprehensive framework: Developing a data-driven web application using AngularJS requires no other frameworks or plugins. Google team has given innovative and unique features like HTML extension, enterprise-level testing, etc. in order to make the app development process easier.
  2. Takes a moment to start: With a fully-functional demo and tutorial of a few minutes, AngularJS developers can start developing a web app from the scratch. It has easy-to-understand format for every tool. And developers can readily use all the features for making a quality web app.
  3. Software is more maintainable: It encourages thinking about object-oriented design from a client side that, in general, makes software more maintainable as compared to routine software.
  4. Software is easy-to-test: It has dependency injection at its core that improves the testability of software. Along with easy-to-develop format, it enables developers to check software in terms of functions and operational performance.
  5. Promote good programming practices: Lots of inventive features like- dependency injection, REST API connection to the server, source of truth model, etc. altogether promote good programming practices.
  6. Enabling collaboration with other people: Any developer who is developing object-oriented MVC server-side software is usually familiar with the usage of models as the source of truth. Therefore, collaboration with such developers is easier with AngularJS. In addition, ability to create directives in dependency injection makes it easy to create components that developers can share readily with each other.
  7. Developers become proficient in less time: With open-source environment and easy-to-understand format, developers can become proficient in less time as compared to other such frameworks. In addition, it facilitates developing customer-centric web app with attractive user interface and other interactive features.
  8. Responsive designs are better: Using AngularJS, the programmers find it easier to design responsive websites better and in an easier way. As the trend of having responsive websites is on the rage, Angular comes as a handy tool.

All such and many more reasons make AngularJS a dominant JavaScript framework among others, and preferred choice of professional web developers for any size project.

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