Excelling your UI/UX design! How and why?

By Vishal Feb 5, 2021, 12:45:36 PM , In Web Development
Excelling your UI/UX design! How and why?

 Mobile and its related technologies rocked our world driving thousands of entrepreneurs adventures every year within the business

With exponential high expectations of users. Elements of success have obviously had way progressed and evolved from just simple functional aspects and good marketing.

Nowadays we raise the question: what can make my app or website stand out and conquer the market?  

The answer is the perfect UI/UX design !!

The what? 

What is UI?

UI Standing for the “User interface”: it is the magical element X that sets your project attractiveness on fire. Its primary objective is to provide easy, enjoyable, and effective interaction between the user and the app. It included all the control, buttons, and blocks of the app.

What is UX?

UX stands for the user experience. A Well-structured user experience guarantees the ease of usage and the feel and value of what your business stands for. Its process includes defining the way the products operate and meets the requirements of the user.

what is UI and UX?

Why so important?

Nailing a great UI/UX plays a mega important key role in your project success !!! 

It can determine the chances of survival for an entire business!

Here are some major insights :

Guarantee a favorable  first  impression on your app 

Psychologically proven, the first impression a human has on things can determine whether he tries to use them or not.

Impressing the user with a modern and beautiful interface design from first clicks can increase the chances of your app being used. 

You can have a great functional app that loses its chances due to a non-appealing UI that drives first bad impressions and leads to the user not bothering to give it a try. 

It is like a job interview the better impression you leave the higher your chances are to get hired. 

⇒ Have an appealing and mind catching design that could have an influence on the mind of the customers

Enhances customer experience and drive their loyalty 

A great UI/UX is compulsory as it captivates users and impresses them, it enhances their experience to an efficient level in adequation to a good functionality, and it grantees their appreciation and eventually their loyalty.

Sets Business identity 

The interrelated several elements like colors, appearance, catchy content and easy navigation set your business identity and how it is perceived by the customer. 

Boosts popularity & Gets you  featured in the app store

Impressed and Satisfied users will give positive feedback, star- ratings on app stores, and recommend your app to others, bringing more users and which in turn enhances the ROI on your business.

Investing in a  combo of A great UX and amazing UI  can certainly Get you featured on the market top list. 

Tips to excel in your UI/ UX combo!

Whether you are a solo designer or in  partnership with a development or design firm you should believe in the importance of investing in UI/UX design.

 Here are some basic tips 

Understand the needs of your target

It all depends on your target choice and for whom your services are meant to be provided.

An app that is meant for Moms and girls will look feminine with girly colors and softer shapes. It certainly shouldn’t look like an app that is meant for masculine gender opting for darker colors and sharper shapes. Obviously the app experience that is meant for elders won’t feel the same as an experience meant for kids or teenagers.

The key is to think like a user more precisely like your own target.

 Ask your self questions like:

What would I like to see?

What would be more practical for me as a user?

How the most attractive interface would look like?


Contact the right development partner 

Tackling the right needed aspects of UI and UX design requires design masterminds and high tech design tools experts.

It is recommended to opt for a firm that can do both development and design in good delays providing you a flawless product

 Choosing a development partner can be tricky. Great UI/UX designers should:

  • Never fail to catch up on the latest trends.
  • Sketch, wireframe, compose and create with an eye of a user. 
  • Add a specific uniqueness to every single project to avoid similarities. 
  • Have a diversified portfolio.

Take a look at IndiaNIC’s large portfolio for reference

IndiaNIC Portfolio

Keep it trendy, simple and modern

It is all about, Simplicity, clearness, effectiveness, and the power of imagination and vision in selecting colors, implementing corporate identity, and applying the latest design principles while maintaining the way a product operates and meets the user-friendly requirements. 

⇒ The user shouldn’t require any extra guidelines on how to use the app.

modern UI and UX

Maintain consistency 

A consistent app design increases the familiarity with the app and makes it easy for the user to interact with it.

UI and UX Consistency

Maintain and improve the loading speed

No matter how good is the design, it should never decrease the page loading speed. It should be done in a way that doesn’t require any loading time. Speed  is one of the most important elements of the UI/UX design.

To conclude UI/UX is a very crucial aspect of your mobile application. In order to make your app successful, you must provide an amazing user interface and user experience through your app. 

UI and UX Speed

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