Few Important Features of An eCommerce Website

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 6:41:23 AM , In Web Development

One of the main motives of having an ecommerce sites it to market and sell your products online. Such sites give some really amazing features that can help you market the products in a stylized and effective manner without having to put too much effort into it. But what is important is that you create a professional website design so that your customers come to trust you and you stand out from your competitors.

So in order to sell your products you will need to have a professional website design and will need to showcase them in a manner that is effective and give your customers an easy way to access them. Ecommerce websites give some really useful features list that can help you put the products in such a way that they will be easily visible and the whole process of purchasing will be an uncomplicated gesture of pure shopping fun.

eCommerce Catalog & Products Features:

  • Unlimited number of categories, sub-categories, products and options.
  • Brand Landing pages with optimized features
  • Quantity based discount offers
  • Linking one product to multiple categories and having multiple options
  • Setting up the order to display the products in whichever way you want
  • Allowing for a ‘text’ option through which the customers can enter text when they order a product
  • Option for Digital downloads that checks the order status before allowing the download
  • Option for running the store on ‘Catalog Only’ mode that makes the store behave like an online catalogue having no links to the shopping cart
  • Option for listing down the ‘Featured Products’ on the homepage through which you can choose according to your liking
  • Tax-free products and options.
  • Showcasing Product Ratings & Reviews for every product
  • Product suppliers support
  • Product manufacturers support
  • Product brands support
  • Options for maintaining inventory levels through product and product options.
  • Options of providing multiple product images
  • Options of Zooming into the product images
  • Social media integration

All these features are there to enhance the productivity and performance of the store, especially concentrating on the products so that you get the maximum sales. All you need to do is include them to give your ecommerce site a custom website design and the features will do their work accordingly.

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