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By admin Mar 6, 2007, 11:20:38 PM , In Web Development

We are launching a new offer for Yahoo Store Designing. If you are thinking of a New Yahoo Store or a Redesign of an existing store, you would not get better offerings than this. We also have launched a lot of NEW Features that are specially crafted keeping in mind the new platform for Y! Stores and we want you to atleast know about the same for your future needs.

Special Offer till April 2007 – Sign up Now!

The recent offer includes a FREE Integration of Checkout Manager to your store. This feature would automatically be available if you sign up for your New Yahoo Store Design Project with us. This means that in addition to the custom Yahoo Store Design – you also get your Checkout Pages (Shopping Cart, Billing and Shipping Information, Order Confirmation etc.) to have an EXACT look and feel of your entire website.

The default yahoo checkout pages are no fun – making your checkout pages look like your site ensures that customers feel secure and trust you as a merchant. Additionally, the customized layout helps customer have a good feeling while they are shopping.

If you are not planning to design/re-design a Full Yahoo store, and are interested in having selective features incorporated in your site – we’ve also got a deal for you. If you sign up for any RTML Feature or a PHP solution, you will get a 10% discount from the original price. Please click here to know about all RTML features or Call us to get more information.

Why Choose IndiaNIC as your Yahoo Store Designer?

If you have already worked with IndiaNIC – we need not introduce ourselves, but if you haven’t – its the RIPE time for you get associated with The Best Player in the industry. Carrying a huge clientele across the world – we have successfully compiled more than 500 Yahoo Stores in a short span of time.

IndiaNIC are pioneer in building Yahoo Stores for years and has bunch of stores to prove it with increasing sales of variety of items. The Yahoo Store Team here at IndiaNIC ensures how your business grows online by taking care of each aspect of the store development carefully and is capable of delivering the results as per your expectations. The Team never sleeps – even with shores of distance away – our experts are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Call us Toll Free on 1-866-666-3471 OR on 1-310-909-8707 to get an Instant Quote.

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