Give Your Website a Cutting Edge With These Google Products

By admin Jul 8, 2010, 12:32:06 PM , In Web Development

Web design and development process is one of those things that are not directly related to your business but it can make or break it if not handled properly. This is the process through which you create your website, your gateway to the online business world and thus you should be utmost careful when doing it. But there are few products that Google has provided to the designers and developers that can really make for a wonderful helping hand to make your website a real good one. Lets have a look at some of Google products that can help you with website redesign.

Browser Size:

This is a great product for visualizing how a web page looks on various popular web browsers. What it does is creates an outline on the page that appears on the browser and let you know how much can be seen without having to scroll on the page. This way you can put in all the important points during your web design and development process in such a way that it is visible in one single view.

Google Website Optimizer:

This product emphasizes on usability and the design at the same time. It lets you make more than one design for the same web page through a process called ‘Split Testing’. So during your web design and development process you can create two or more design layouts of each web page and then compare them to see which one looks and performs better.


This is a great product if you want to build a site of your own quickly. It also integrates well with other Google products so you can easily post videos from YouTube, slideshows, Gmail calendars, Gear gadgets, Google Docs spreadsheets etc.

Speed Tracer:

This, although, has only one use but it can make a difference in how the site works. It helps the developers with pointing out the issues with your web applications. It gives a visual presentation of how the web app is rendering on the web page giving you a complete idea of its performance.

Google Analytics:

This is probably the most popular of all the tools from Google. It lets you find out important statistical data about how your site is performing in terms of traffic generation and conversion rates etc. It gives you details like the customer details as in where they come from, their browser details, what pages are visited the most, what keywords are used to get to the site and a lot more. This is a complete package as far as SEO is concerned.

These products are very useful if in web design and development as they can make a considerable difference in its performance.

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