Magento for web development

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Magento for web development

Developing an e-commerce website has become more than just a common investment among commercial enterprises, it turned into a necessity, due to the rise of online shoppers and easier access to products online. And the competition among companies in developing the most attractive website to increase sales is getting tougher.  

And here’s where Magneto comes, the popular PHP-based open-source e-commerce web development platform that provides a flexible shopping-cart system plus a detailed overview of the online store leading to powerful marketing as well as catalog management and ensures a high spot in the search engine results. 

Magento is highly targeted by enterprises even though it requires hiring dedicated developers, but the results are worth it. Why? 

Let’s first take a look at the features that’s behind its great benefits.

Why is Magento the #1 choice platform for e-commerce?

Magento Features

Nothing could beat the extensive features list Magento has in terms of e-commerce development, which explains its high rating and the multiplying demands to offshore software companies.

Using Magento flexibility, integrating and synchronizing numerous third-party services like digital marketing tools, payment gateways, shipping, transportation, database applications, tracking order, etc is much easier. It also helps business/store owners keep track of their website’s performance thanks to google built-in tools this platform offers, along with gaining robust functionalities and providing custom options that make your brand and website presentation unique.  

Magento is a mobile-friendly platform, meaning it is compatible with mobile devices’ screen size in terms of image size, and it supports videos, and it’s moving forward towards mobile usage because around 60% of online buyers use their phones or tablets to shop and Magento delivers an exceptional mobile shopping experience.

As previously mentioned, Magento is an open-source platform with a growing community of bloggers, project managers, and software developers working on its code and security which boost their experience, and they may offer you solutions for issues troubling you or much-needed guidance since they’ve been in the field as long. Besides, Magento experts can help promote your website thanks to Magento modules that enable adding new features to create an impressive UI/UX design. You control and customize according to your preferences. 

Another feature that Magento offers is importing data from other e-commerce apps and systems, which saves you time and money and helps you launch your website faster. Even catalog browsing and management are much easier for up to medium size businesses. As for the above sizes, many superb third-party catalog management solutions come in handy.

The large, active community of Magento proves advantageous again in increasing security and looking for solutions for new security issues. Additionally, Magento security scan provides your Magento-store with over 30 security tests that enable merchants to scan as well as spotting vulnerabilities and take action if necessary.

Magento provides a multi-store strategy that online businesses favor. One dashboard is all that’s needed to manage and create online shops. Website development solutions get easier and time-saving with this system that allows adding products to multiple stores quickly.

Magento integrates SEO plugins and extensions which help get your website higher ranks in the search engine. It offers a whole package of features that’s SEO friendly such as descriptions, sitemaps, SEO-friendly URL structure, positioning layers, etc. 

Magento Additional Benefits for e-commerce software development  

If you still doubt that Magneto is not the best, here are some additional benefits Magento offers that would definitely seal the deal.

  • For a company, when making a choice, two main factors matter the most: the first is the efficiency and the second is the cost. We’ve already established how efficient Magento is, as, for the cost, Magento is still the best choice. It’s quick and economical thanks to cloud hosting which’s budget-friendly since it reduces maintenance, hosting, and monitoring costs. Even though the cost depends on the features chosen, and the Magneto version used, it’s nothing to worry about, as Magento is still affordable in any case.
  • Magneto ensures the excellent performance of your e-commerce website by reducing load time and some other static operations. It also helps make your website stand out by its thousands of extensions that enable new customizations.
  •  We cannot talk about a good shopping experience without pairing it with an easy payment method. Magento supports all commonly used and famous payment methods (PayPal, Amazon payment, bank transfer, Google checkout, cash, etc.). Providing various payment methods makes it easier for buyers to pay with no trouble.

All in all, Magento beats all other platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and BigCommerce, to be the #1 e-commerce software development platform thanks to the huge package of strong features, additional benefits mentioned, and extensions it offers. That’s why commercial businesses favor it and its community is getting bigger rapidly. 

Magento customizes your website and provides unique, impressive UI designs that help in marketing while also ensuring your full control over your online stores.

Top 5 Websites that use Magento

You didn’t think we would wrap up without giving some examples:

Helly Hansen

The popular Norwegian sportswear and gear brand with high-quality products. With total revenue of $650.8 million, the development of their online stores continues to increase profits.

Sigma Beauty

It is no hidden fact that the cosmetic industry is developing incredibly fast. Sigma Beauty is a successful makeup British brand that was founded in 2009. 

Sigma Beauty websites use Magento 2. They are known for having a beautiful design and are user-friendly.


You’re living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this brand. It holds 4th place worldwide in the automotive industry. The Ford Accessories online store website will always be a great Magento website example since 2012.


Another successful example that belongs on this list. Monin plays a major role in the international drinks industry with a variety of drinks products and a delicious online store, selling around a 100million bottles (in 2019). 

According to a Magento case study, the platform increased Monin sales by over 400% all thanks to the decision the company took to migrate to Magento2. 


Opting for Magento2, the Liverpool online store, is very popular among the English football club fans and even those who are not interested in the Sport. With such a simple yet attractive website design, it’s not surprising how fast this clothing rose to fame. 

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