Magento-The Right Choice for B2B Enterprises

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Magento-The Right Choice for B2B Enterprises

Today, online presence is a norm for every enterprise irrespective of size, business model, and objectives. When it comes to online presence, entrepreneurs have to count on eCommerce platforms, and a few platforms like Magento can become a preferred choice for businesses with useful features like the CRM, SEO-related features, check out management and the like.

Though SMEs (Small and Mid-sized Enterprises) of B2C type find it very helpful for online ordering system and simplifying business processes, at times, doubts have been raised by B2B type of companies for Magento’s capabilities.

Here are some of the reasons that show how Magento can make a big difference in B2B online ordering system:

1. Customizable platform:
It is an undeniable fact that B2B requires an efficient online ordering system. Here a pleasant shopping experience is secondary. Magento provides a short, efficient flow to purchase products to facilitate online ordering system for B2B companies. Magento, as a highly customizable platform, enables B2B traders to customize the journey of the customer.

2. Quick to order:
B2B firms require finding items rapidly through search functions and previous purchases with the help of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Magento can tackle this effectively and make the process of finding items and ordering even quicker through offering quick pull-down menus.

3. Real-time account info:
Many B2B business owners want to know their current trading position and the range of the credit limit. Magento gives live account information for giving them a complete idea about the available limit so that they can swap purchasing order over to credit card and other alternatives to avoid losing possible sales opportunity.

4. Order history:
Repeat purchases are common in B2B model also. Magento allows business persons to access order history and regular purchases quickly, thereby shortening the purchase journey while minimizing barriers to purchase. In a way, a B2B business can make ordering system more effective and rapid.

Apart from ordering system, Magento platform has the following important benefits that can improve B2B business operations to a great extent:

Drop in service calls
Magento facilitates B2B businesses to convert the customer service department from a problem-solving to the extra sales. In other words, entrepreneurs can have more time to support customers while leveraging up-sell and cross-sell with the help of Magento features.

Enhance visibility
Magento framework allows businesses to see how many orders are coming. Additional visibility on order status can further enhance inventory and sales operations.

Well, today’s mobile-driven world wants a mobile-friendly business website and just like B2C, B2B businesses can also get benefitted by a responsive website offered by Magento.

In B2B enterprises, most of the purchase has been done out of working hours. A Magento store helps them reduce their costs through offering 24/7 stock and account-related facilities.

Magento offers a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for easy modification of web pages along with a high security complies with PA-DSS. Online retailers can get multiple store fronts and different apps or extensions for making their shop futuristic and user-friendly. No wonder that Magento has won the trust of many companies across the world in a short span.

Magento is a powerful platform being used by small and large organizations alike. Even startups with a limited range of products can also get benefits from this robust platform. You can get the most for your business needs through tailor-made business solutions developed by a certified Magento Bronze Partner company, IndiaNIC.

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