Make a Move for Mobile-friendly Website as Bing also Wants It

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 7:00:25 AM , In Web Development
Make a Move for Mobile-friendly Website as Bing also Wants It

Revolutionary mobile technology has largely replaced desktops and laptops when it comes to Internet access. Thanks to this technology, people get all the necessary information on their handheld devices right away. As per the comScore survey, about sixty percent of all online traffic came from handheld devices last year. But then, many website owners across the world still don’t feel like having a mobile-friendly version of their sites.

Google took the initiative

Nowadays, when more and more people start using smart devices to access the Internet, search engine giant Google took notice of this, and came up with a notification regarding necessity of mobile-friendly version of websites in April. This move facilitates users to access most of the websites on their smart devices with ease and enables them to get information on the move. On the other hand, web owners will get higher rankings on SERPs just by having mobile-friendly websites, as many people will search and access their sites from smart devices.

Microsoft is not far behind

Last Thursday, Microsoft also announced that it will make necessary changes to ‘Bing’ algorithms to give higher ranks to mobile-friendly websites in upcoming months. It means that, along with Google, Bing will also give preference to the websites that can be readily accessed on smart devices and show such websites like this on search pages:

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We can say that Microsoft has finally stepped into Google’s shoes by announcing requirement of mobile-friendly websites for higher rankings.

Here are some of the aspects that Bing is going to consider while checking mobile-friendliness:

  • Easy navigation: All the page links, menus, and buttons should be big enough and with enough space to facilitate easy navigation and tapping.
  • Readability: Web content should be placed in easy-to-read manner for the users to avoid zooming for reading a sentence.
  • Scrolling: Proper alignment of content is necessary to facilitate scrolling. Vertical scrolling of page is okay, but horizontal scrolling should be minimized.
  • Compatibility: Finally, content like videos, images, audios, etc. should be compatible with all the smart devices irrespective of different platforms and screen-size.

Such aspects are noteworthy not only for Bing, but also for other search engines. Website owners must take care of such aspects while opt for mobile-friendly versions of their websites.

Responsive web design-An ultimate solution

As a mobile-friendly version of websites is a demand of time (and also of search engines!), entrepreneurs need a responsive web design. Opting for such design enables them to get a website that can readily accessible on mobiles and tablets along with desktops and laptops.

As concluding remarks, it is fair to mention that in coming days, only mobile-friendly websites will get both- the higher rankings and people’s appreciation.

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