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By admin May 26, 2010, 10:04:35 AM , In Web Development

I have been trying hard not to be too over simplistic in my tone regarding the open source customization and the whole idea of integrating and using CMS and eCommerce solutions. But the fact remains that using all of these is indeed very simple. So I cant help but reflect that in what I say and how I say it.

So what are those things that make these open source web development this desirable. Lets start from the start. Being part of the whole PHP gang makes all of these very easy to develop, as they are not bound with hardcore coding rules. You don’t have to have an in-depth knowledge of any of the technical languages to start working on them. It can very easily be embedded into HTML and it doesn’t take a long time either. So its convenient, easy and less time consuming solving all the modern hazards of our lives, saving almost all that we don’t like, too much work, time consumption and deep knowledge.

Working with open source platforms has another big advantage that is they are open source. Here I go over simplistic again. But you can see I can’t help it. They are open source and thus open source development have many benefits like they are available for free, there is a huge community supporting the development and betterment, coming out with regular and useful updates, finding bugs and rectifying them, plug-ins, themes and what not. Be it the CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal or be it eCommerce platforms like Magento, X-Cart, osCommerce or ZenCart, all of these are easy simple ways to effective business online.

So how does open source customization helps? Yet again the answer is simple. It gives you a unique look. There are more people on the net than you can imagine that are doing exactly what you are and most of them are lost in the crowd. So if you don’t want the same to happen to you, use open source customization and open source integration services to your benefit. Stand-alone, stand aloof and stand ahead of the crowd. There is no point in existing if you are listed on the tenth page of a search engine. Most people don’t go beyond the first page.

You can give a completely unique to you look to your website or web portal with open source portal development and create your own identity by using these platforms. There are thousands of themes and templates available that can be further worked on. Plug-ins and add-ons are in plenty as well. Drag and drop features add up to the differential factor. There are so many permutations and combinations possible, that you just need to work a little bit and you are sure to come out with something different.

So now after all this preaching, I am sure you are ready to try your hand and head a little bit and create something on your own. Trust me, its very simple. If I can do it, anyone can. Open source customization brings in a new look to your old age idea.

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