Securing Digital Solutions from Cyber-attacks!

By Rania Feb 5, 2021, 12:05:57 PM , In Web Development
Securing Digital Solutions from Cyber-attacks!

Opting to build a digital solution to emphasize your business is a huge strategic deal requiring thinking and a lot of considerations. Most digital solutions are based on login logout credentials, personal info of users and when implemented it can contain important data that can drive an entire business to canyons if misused.

The question raised is how do we secure all of that data? What guarantees the safety of my personal info when I use an app, website, or any software? And how harmful can be a cyber attack?

Well the answer comes in a very short term “cybersecurity “

What is cyber-security?

CyberSecurity, also known as information technology security refers to the application of specific  IT technologies against any  unauthorized use or hacking of electronic data in servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, stocked data…etc 

There are many types of cybersecurity but when it comes to digital solutions developed by IT companies we are talking about software, Applications, and web security that focuses on securing hosting devices and protecting the integrity and privacy of data from any threats. 

What happens if a digital solution isn’t secure enough?

The real threat is Known as “cyber terrorism” that targets the misuse of information systems and digital technology and data for harmful purposes.

Here’s a glimpse of the disastrous effects of cyber terrorism 

Individual end-users  risks 
For some people, securing a mobile app that has few Infos about the person using it is not a big deal compared to actual disasters of the possibility of hacking banking systems or a company’s accounting system. Unfortunately, it is a huge deal as we have a tighter relationship with our personal devices than our own families! An enormous amount of data about our life-critical information is floating in our mobile apps enabling hacker criminals to know our name, age, home address, account numbers, and even our current location. The smallest miss use of an email address can lead to horrible consequences!

Business and companies risk 
Most threats come from the internet itself as it is much involved in every solution and makes it easier for businesses to become threatened by cyber terrorism. Many sectors mainly Banks and Medical services, retailers, and public entities adopting digitalization experienced data incidents and corporate espionage targeting customer data such as the financial & medical records and other sensitive customer  Infos Simply a disaster that can threaten business continuity and te safety of customers.

How to guard against cyber threats while developing digital solutions?

Before developing a digital solution such as a mobile app or a design system, we need to study and understand the weaknesses of existing systems and figure out ways of ensuring data safety. 

Security comes as a priority!  Guaranteeing it begins in the very first stages of project development starting from the design stage till deployment! 

Data recovery mechanisms, OTP, authentication methods, and other ways, are adopted to secure digital solutions for every domain. For an IT company, it is crucial to ensure enough security for its customers because it is not all about developing the most intuitive, innovative, and exciting apps, it is also about highly “securing them”!

Business continuity is surely defined by how an organization responds to a cyber-security incident or any other event that causes the loss of operations or data. Also, End-user protection or endpoint security is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity. Details such as the name, address, and email of the user should never leak out of whatever software, app, or website he is using.

Here are some tips

  • If you are an end-user:  Always update your software and operating systems and benefit from new security patches 
  • If you are looking to develop your own digital solution: Choose the right development partner that prioritizes the security of your data simultaneously with the functionality of the software. 
  • If you are a developer: ensure to write secure codes and user high levels of authentications

Why IndiaNIC ?

Conquering the information technology market since 1997 and working with diversified leading businesses: Our development philosophy stands on efficiency, utility, and high security! Each member of our team has a decade or more of experience delivering high-value to each customer engagement delivering flawless products with guaranteed data and privacy safety systems.

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