The theory of Being a Good (Customer Oriented) Designer

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The art of being an artist… What are the criteria of being a good designer? Should a designer be a painter or may a good painter be a professional web designer creating professional web design, flash animation development etc, you wonder? This is a question that many employers have asked to themselves while looking for a staff. There is an opinion that a good designer that works with graphics on your web pages cannot be a good painter. Our professional team of web graphics designers have broken this stereotype. All our designers have successfully combined the both qualities – the taste for arts and skills of web graphic design. If you posses some skills and can draw that does not mean that you are a painter. If you have learn several programs such as Photoshop and Corel Draw, that does not mean you can create professional web design. If someone has a camera that does not make him a professional photographer at all.

Many people can use graphics technologies nowadays but only a few can do it well. So what is the difference between a web graphic designer and a good designer? A good designer is a painter in his soul. A good designer thinks about their work as about a piece of art, dreaming deep in their soul to be a contemporary Michelangelo creating their own “David” in the web space.

“When I receive an order, the first thing that occurs to my mind is – I want to create something that would really enjoy my customer, I want to create something that would make people come back again and watch my work the same way they watch beautiful paintings in the art gallery” – says one of our web graphic designer. Surely, a good remuneration is a good motivation but not for those who think about the artistic side of the matter and for whom graphics on the web is more than a way to earn money.

That’s the main principle our Design Studio follows – we are eager to create a “David” or an “Aphrodite of Milos” for our customers and not just to accomplish their order.

Any thing done with passion may become a real piece of art, whether we are speaking about a painting created by an artist or a biscuit cooked by a chef keen on art of cookery. The main difference between a simply done task and a piece of art is that in the first case you just finish what they have ordered, in the second you create. You are putting a piece or your soul in every smallest detail, you give a piece of your imagination, your talent. The more generous you are, the better things you are creating come to this world. Being generous enough to give your inner world to other people, not being afraid to be refused or misunderstood, being brave enough is a passport to success.

Just imagine that you are given a task to create the design of children room interior. You are given the whole idea, the colors suggested, the furniture and other details are already discussed. And then you meet the children whom the room is dedicated to, and you learn from them that urban-style graphics on their walls is not what their dream about, that the kids love the jungles and safari-like decorated walls with huge multicolored African motifs.

What you can do is just to follow the original order however the understanding of the fact that what you are doing is not what will make your customers happy will not allow you to make a real masterpiece. However, you can sheer and make a wonderful child room with giraffes, hippopotamus, lions and tall trees supporting vivid African sly with their green tops. Of course it won’t be what your customers have originally ordered. But their final goal was to make a room comfortable for their children and to make them happy. And offering them a draft of your African room instead of dull New-York style-like studio would be a risk but at the same time it would be a demonstration of your boldness to show that you are an artist above all and a perfect performance would prove that you are the one who creates professional design as well.

Being a good designer does not stand for a qualified performance of your job but also for creation of something that would approach your customer to the feeling of possessing something of high value, unique and precious.

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