Upcoming Website Design Trends in 2010

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 8:33:57 AM , In Web Development

Trends and fashion come and go. Something that is new and attractive goes old and boring in no time. And especially in time as competitive as today’s it is all the more important to get updated with the latest trends to be in the market and not only survive but sustain with heads up.

Here are some of the trends in the Website Design that you will see growing to capture the market:

Oversized Logos/Headers

Brand recognition is at the heart of this trend that has already gained popularity in 2010. With big sized logos and headers one makes it easier and more out there for people to locate them.

Sketches/Hand-drawn Designs

This might not be the hot cake, but a subtle cherry on top. The main purpose is to make the pages look more personalized with some hand drawn sketches and designs.

Slab Typefaces

Along with big headers and logos go slab typefaces. Although, they might not be very popular still, but to compliment the headers, these are perfect company.

One Page Layouts

This will go well with the social media kinds websites where posting a one page personal profile might just be the right use of such websites. In addition to this, one page layouts are perfect to use to give precise information all in one screenshot.

Interactive/Intuitive Design

The use of Flash website development has increased considerably with more people realizing its importance and now since the users have become more tech savvy, more Flash websites will be seen in 2010 using interactive and intuitive features.

Less is More

This year will concentrate less on the quantity and more on informative content. There might be less of high end graphics, more white space but the sites will be rich in useful information.

Oversized Footers

On the same line as headers and logos, this trend will catch up with the intent of enticing a visitor to know more. Footers will highlight such features as: feed updates from social media outlets, photo and video feeds and more.

Introduction Page

This is with the base idea of conveniently sending information through intro pages instead of going in length with the about us page.

These are some of the trends with prospective popularity and usability advantages, there might be many to come in the coming months, but these are sure shot hit formulae to have a rich and updated websites.

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