Web Development For IoT

By Rania Jul 1, 2021, 1:44:33 PM , In Web Development
Web Development For IoT

The past decade has been marked by one tech movement to another, but the real boom came with the internet of things, that never stopped thriving since it first innovation in 1999. IoT went hand in hand with web development to create more powerful digital solutions with the advancement of tech languages for frontend and  backend development

Mature web development is now pushed to the next level thanks to the internet of things! 

How and Why ? Find it all in this article!

How the IoT and web development field blend together? 

You might be thinking that what connection can be between two completely different fields! Well, the answer is in the elements required in the functioning of IoT: 

IoT is based on devices and sensors connected via the internet. Each of the devices has a unique address called IP associated with it and can be used to gather and send back and forth data to the connected world/cloud server. Which requires the front end, back end, and API development to function. We can mention famous examples such as Amazon Alexa, smartwatches and Google mini, connected Automobiles, etc ….

In detail, IoT-based Amazon Alexa for example displays results for your request you have given by connecting with the backend web application. Also, smartwatches rely on multiple sensors with a front-end integration to display relevant information to the person wearing it like his heartbeat rate, the number of steps achieved per day, traveled distance, etc.  

It is estimated that there were over 30 billion devices connected via sensors in 2020 only! You can imagine the future path for software development companies to look forward to the rise of IoT devices in the global market and more adoption of web-based applications of such solutions.

What aspects to consider when developing web apps for IoT?

Web integration in IoT devices is a process that has large barriers and complex details to consider, Here are the main factors you should consider before web applications development for IoT solutions:

High-security settings

When we talk internet, we talk about hacking and data privacy issues! Open web applications should be built according to open web application protocols and guidelines to set necessary security preservations, authentication, and authorization settings to control data leaking from web applications by encrypting data before transferring to IoT devices.

Scalability for  large data compilation:

When we say IoT, we say huge, complex real-time data! Treating IoT devices data isn’t the game for weak apps. The web application should scalable with a strong backend capable of handling and processing huge amounts of data insistently and recovering it in case of any emerging problem.

Dynamic user interfaces and responsive webpages 

Real-time data requires an agile UI that functions up to the second and handles frequent changes.

Any delay in the display can affect the overall user experience.  

At IndiaNIC we prefer leveraging React JS for agile user interfaces with responsive pages supporting dynamic rendering without the need of reloading page. Hire a dedicated React JS developer for impeccable UI

In a nutshell 

Web development for IoT is shaping the future of connected devices! With the aimed purpose of achieving a seamless user experience. With the rise of expectations towards high technologies, users are in no way willing to compromise over a wonderful, fast, and smart user experience, the extent of IoT will continue to drag to perfection the web development world and so opening a large scale of opportunities to the public! What are you waiting for?

Hire dedicated IoT developers and web experts to build future-proof IoT solutions with fast and secure web integration. Contact us!

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