What is a Good Website Design?

By admin May 27, 2010, 9:54:01 AM , In Web Development

Its not easy to decide the kind of website design services  you require. Before you decide,  its is important to understand what website designing is. Most people jump to conclusions or blindly follow the trend without understanding the whole scenario. You need to do a bit of research to understand, how web designing works, the various underlying technologies and then choose the best solution depending upon your business requirements. A well planned and built website is both aesthetically beautiful and performs all the necessary functions to meet the discussed objectives.

Website design and development process might be tricky in the wake of the customer demands, market trends and the latest fashions that limit the designer to quite an extent, but the most that affects the creativity of a designer is the unawareness of the people demanding those designs about the whole idea of it.

An inexperienced and unaware web designer too often complains that there are too many websites using grids and columns and boxes. There are too many of them that are being designed in the same way. There is no basic difference from one to another.

But the fact remains that you cannot do away with roofs, corridors, walls, doors and windows from a building. These are some of the main and foundational commonalities that any structure, and I am including the structure and design of a website as well here, cannot do away with. Similarly, creating a website will require some basic and fundamental commonalities to come into existence and function properly. But the thing that we need to take care is that we are heading towards building pages that are distinctive, natural, brand-appropriate, subtly memorable, and quietly but unmistakably engaging with best web design.

Any designer providing any kind of website design services will have to be aware of this. The ingredient you need to bring out lovely looking website designs is the creativity and the instinct to break out of the stereotypical. Think beyond the said ad the done and break free from the shackles of what others want. Your designs will depend on what kind of designer you are. Whether you provide your website design services for the customers, whether your services are to pleasing yourself or do you render your website design services to please the audience on the whole.

The beauty always lies in the finer detail of an art piece. The basics always remain the same; it’s the intricate details that you have to work on. An artist, while sculpting a female form, cannot avoid but have all the basic body parts. It’s the finer details like the shape of the eyes, the curves and the size that he can play with, giving it a unique identity. The same applies for website designs or website redesign as well.

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