Why Ecommerce Startups Choose Shopify for Online Store Development?

By Abhishek Amin Mar 12, 2021, 10:12:14 AM , In Web Development
Why Ecommerce Startups Choose Shopify for Online Store Development?

Ecommerce or in other words, an online store to buy and sell products is the new normal. All the retail businesses are now shifting towards the trend of having an online store. This enables them to showcase their products to a much wider audience while improving their purchasing experience through the benefits of Ecommerce development.

Today, let us talk about one popular Ecommerce platform called Shopify, which is used by plenty Ecommerce businesses, especially startups. 

Which Type of Businesses Shopify is Best Suited To?

Shopify is best suited to those Ecommerce businesses that have a limited number of products and require simple features, simple configuration. It is one of the best-hosted Ecommerce solutions for those who look to build an online store. To broaden this, let me share that for the product-based company having 1 or 2 products to sell in a physical location, Shopify development is preferred to build an online store when compared to others. Kindly continue the article to know why.

Benefits of Shopify To Build An Online Store

Easy to Setup & Start

Normally the setup process is complete in three steps – Open an account and subscribe to the Shopify platform, Create preferably a custom domain for your online store, and add products to buy and sell. Even if you do not have your own custom-designed theme for your online store, Shopify has got loads of themes to select from. 

Of course, you may need to hire Shopify developers because of their technical expertise which expands the horizon of possibilities along with customizations based upon your business needs. However, creating and setting up an online store with Shopify does not require technical expertise to get things rolling. One important benefit is that users do not need to host a website while using Shopify as a platform to build an online store.

Affordable Ecommerce Store Development

The main benefit for Ecommerce startups would be cut the costs without compromising the quality. Shopify store development exactly meet this startup requirement. By paying up a monthly subscription cost, which is relatively low, compared to other Ecommerce platforms, startups can get all the features they need with power, speed, security, and reliability.

Shopify has the following plans to offer subscriptions as of now:

  • Shopify Lite – $9/month
  • Basic Shopify – $29/month
  • Shopify – $79/month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299/month
  • Shopify Plus – Fees are negotiated

The cost can be paid on a monthly, yearly, or biennial basis. They also offer discounts for payments for long-term, normally annual and biennial subscriptions.

Mobile-friendly Online Store Design

It is estimated that almost 73% of the total online buyers are ordering and purchasing from smartphones. Mobile-first experience is crucial for offering Ecommerce services and Shopify is built considering the same. The themes on Shopify are mobile responsive by default. This eliminates the need for an online store development team to make the store design mobile-friendly, which saves time. 

Shopify store can also be managed through its mobile app version. The mobile app version of Shopify provides a wide spectrum of features and functionalities such as marketing, conversion optimization, analytics, SEO, upsells, fulfillment, inventory management, customer support, etc.

Great Marketing Tool for Startups

Shopify is a friend of startups and helps them to build a fully functional online store at a low cost. Startups can promote their products with a better outreach in quick time and start selling. The packages offered by Shopify are even more beneficial from a marketing perspective. 

Advanced Ecommerce analytics available in the basic package provides important insights which help businesses to improve their inbound marketing efforts. Shopify has integrated marketing tools, such as discount codes, gift cards, social network integration, email marketing, SMS marketing, coupon engine, abandoned cart recovery, etc.

A Wide Range to Select Secure & Easy Payment Gateways

A payment service with multiple payment options always enhances the buying experience. Shopify has its own payment gateway which is powered by Stripe. Moreover, over 100 payment gateway providers are currently associated with Shopify, which can be integrated with your online store on Shopify. 

What is the limitation of Shopify in a long run?

For expanding the Ecommerce business, taking it to the next level, and looking to control everything from data to revenue generation, moving to self-hosted Ecommerce platforms is preferred. It is not possible with Shopify. Some popular self-hosted platforms are WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, Drupal Commerce, Joomla, etc. 

Compared to other self-hosted Ecommerce platforms, Shopify is not as flexible as them. With Shopify, you might lose out on your potential buyers roaming around other self-hosted Ecommerce platforms in even larger volumes. However, Shopify is the preferred buddy for the initial phase of your startup Ecommerce business. You can migrate the whole console to a self-hosted platform when you decide to switch.

Looking to Hire Shopify Experts?

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