Why You Need A Separate ASP.NET built Website For Your Mobile

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 6:42:14 AM , In Web Development

One of the most common uses of the Internet in the business arena is to communicate with and access real time business information. But this is not always possible to do so from a desktop or a laptop due to various reasons like its availability and accessibility. This is the reason why mobile devices with the capability to connect to the Internet have grown so much in importance and prominence. And to cater to the need to this access you need ASP.NET mobile web application development.

Now the question is why you need a separate website for your mobile device when you are operating with the same information, same clients and for the same reason. The answer lays in the difference of the web browser these two different platforms, desktop and mobiles use.

A normal ASP.NET application targets a rich desktop browser that is fully capable of rendering to HTML pages, storing cookies and executing client side JavaScript. While the mobile applications take help of the mini mobile browser that may render non-HTML based markup and my not support cookies and JavaScript. So to adjust to these differences you need separate ASP.NET web application development.

It also requires the website to adjust to device specific functions, limitations and differences. The mini browsers that mobile apps run on have reduced processor speed, smaller input displays, limited battery lifetimes and limited input options. ASP.NET mobile web application development, thus, helps in creating applications that are suitable to work on such limitations.

To create such applications .NET platform uses System.Web.Mobile namespace that includes authentication, features that are typical of the device used and error handling for building ASP.NET Mobile Web applications. There is also a System.Web.UI.MobileControls namespace that gives elements of the user interface helping in easing ASP.NET mobile web applications development.

So, keeping all of these differences in mind, ASP.NET web development helps in creating websites that will work according to the necessary requirements. The website thus to be created must have specially crafted features. It should be low on graphics so that the loading time is reduced. It should have lesser content so that the entire set can fit into the small mobile screen. The navigation should be fairly simple and easy to that there is no difficulty in finding the required information.

All of these features are not implemented in a normal desktop website which is why they will not run on mobiles properly. So when you have to create a site for mobile users you will need to build one separately to include all the above-mentioned features so that it performs well. And ASP.NET mobile web application development is the perfect platform to build websites and applications that are dynamic, robust, scalable and highly functional.

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