Why you should opt for ReactJS for your next project?

By Rania Mar 31, 2021, 12:59:18 PM , In Web Development
Why you should opt for ReactJS for your next project?

When it comes to development the options to choose tools for your projects are so varied. The web frontend development tech stack is extremely rich, multifaceted, and regularly updated that often drives confusion among business owners about what to really opt for to upgrade one’s business digitally?

You might be thinking why to bother…Angular isn’t it enough? Well ..there are a lot of options that might be well better fitting for your business! 

What is React JS?

React JS as defined by experts!

Initially created by FaceBook for its internal work ended up becoming open-source and gaining huge popularity among developers seeking to learn it and adopt it. React JS is a relatively young and new efficient and flexible Javascript library to build excellent user interfaces allowing its practicers to scale frontend for web development. 

How popular?

A survey conducted by stack overflow developers lately has resulted in concluding that above 66.9% of web developers are surely and firmly in love with React JS finding the most and efficient tool for their work and that it is the third opted for choice among business owners that is expected to become number-one with its rising popularity 

When to opt for it?

Angular was and still is everyone’s favorite bringing value to many projects. While Angular is a full-fledged MVC framework, React is a lightweight view library, which typically needs to be complemented with other tools (Flux or Redux) to get a complete architecture. we are not proposing an alternative but when it comes to building a specific type of product with consistently updated data, React JS, is one of the fastest-growing and most popular frontend libraries estimated to become the number one go-to web development tool.

best use cases for React application include the following:

  • Large scale projects
  • Single page apps (SPA)
  • Projects with dynamic page updates
  • complex UIs.

Reasons to choose React JS to drive your business digital transformation 

we can stop hearing about how much developers are loving it but let’s put feet on the ground and dig technically about its actual benefits and why business owners should consider it!

Suitable for dynamic businesses 

Static websites and blogs are no match for ReactJS! It is the best performing tool within certain business verticals such as 

  • Travel websites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Healthcare
  • etc 

Its popularity among modern web developers

As previously mentioned developers are just in love with it! It is estimated that over 100.000 new websites are built and currently using ReactJS along with 50% of software development companies upgrading into ReactJS development companies.  

At IndiaNIC, our team didn’t think twice to adopt ReactJS! Our pioneer engineers and developers are transforming ideas digitally and bringing projects to life day by day thanks to this booming technology.

Its  High performance and efficiency 

ReactJS promotes a less-time-consuming web development process with a higher quality finish and cleaner codes. It also allows developers to break projects into separate components, reuse codes, and benefit from many library features such as virtual DOM and server-side rendering which boosts productivity and helps building large-scale apps without losing functional speed.

Flexible and easily maintainable 

With its modular structure, React code is easy to maintain and update which helps developing flexible scalable products

SEO friendly 

Thanks to its backend rendering, ReactJS offers more visibility to your site as its projects are better optimized for search engines. 

An Open Source technology with a rich ecosystem 

React JS is an open-source technology free for all and includes must-have tools as Flux or Redux and Node.js along with a large number of task-specific open-source libraries 

Permits to switch to React Native 

You can turn your website into a mobile app at any time as React JS codes can easily be translated into react native as a mobile development framework that suits all business-mind logic 

Hire a React js developer!

At IndiaNIC, With our dedicated team of pioneer react developers and experience with several successfully implemented  React projects we can clearly recommend this technology for your upcoming project and for every business operating in a modern fast-paced environment. 

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