WordPress 3.5 Beta 1 Released -It's Now Better than Before

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WordPress 3.5 Beta 1 Released -It's Now Better than Before

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS tool. Over the years, WordPress has constantly evolved, and several new and improved versions of the tool have hit the market. Most developers know WordPress version up till WordPress 3.4 had only two themes: twenty-eleven and twenty ten. While these themes helped this CMS make an impact on the world, the newer version comes with something new and exciting.

WordPress 3.5 Beta Released

WordPress 3.5 Beta Released

The core developers for WordPress 3.5 have created a simple yet powerful theme for WordPress 3.5. This theme is expected to be available officially by Dec 5, 2012. The name of this theme is still a secret, but developers across the world are eagerly waiting for the new theme and its new features.

To provide hand-on practice and understanding its new theme structure to the developers around the world, WordPress has released 3.5 Beta 1 versions. The best thing about the new version seems to be its speed and the accuracy with which images can be uploaded. Needless to say, it also has a totally new UI for users. Let’s take a look at some of the new features of 3.5 beta 1 version:

  • New look in post and page menu at back-end of CMS
  • Brand new versions of jQuery, tinyMCE (some of the versions are not released in market yet)
  • Improved hooks and filters like wp_query improve the performance of CMS and promote smoother and faster loading
  • Easier to link up WordPress install with mobile apps as XML-RPC is now enabled by default

The new version of WordPress focuses on smart yet simple UI in back-end. As a result, even a non-technical person can use this tool without too much trouble. It also looks a lot more impressive and fast compared to current and previous versions.

Today, a large number of WordPress developers around the world use this tool for developing custom CMS for mobile devices. The core developers for WordPress are aware of the changing trends, and the major changes ad updates in 3.5 beta 1 version highlight their focus on smartphones and tablets.

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