Yahoo! Store Redesign– Rejuvenate Your Store

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 6:08:55 AM , In Web Development

Well, you may have your Yahoo! store up and running. But it is not performing up to your expectations or its style and design is old and wants to rejuvenate or you want to stay ahead in competition by incorporating latest technology. There are many reasons for redesign Yahoo! store.

With redesign you will add the features that were not in present design. You will do redesign of your Yahoo! store so it matches the taste of your users. With redesign you can improve your visibility and sales. You can increase the visitors of your site and boost the sales. There are plenty of advantages with redesign Yahoo! store.

Very first feature you will improve in your redesign is navigation. Make navigation easy and smooth so your customers can achieve fast whatever they want. Your target page should not be more than two clicks away from you. This must be principle of your navigation. Add enough categories and make a logical hierarchy. Add additional navigation like bread crumb so your users can locate themselves in your site. There are SEO benefits of the additional navigations.

Sitemap is a very useful navigation element. By submitting sitemap to the search engines you can improve your search engine performance. One more navigational feature is redirect of the error page. If your page does not exists then give error message with proper redirect so your users can redirect to other pages and don’t feel any frustration. Make navigational features more prominent than design features so your user can easily find navigational elements like buttons etc.

Content is king on any website. Content of your Yahoo! store must be SEO friendly. In textual content you should use proper keywords and keep keyword density so your page ranks high in search engine results. Apart from search engine you should consider your target audience so keep content user friendly and informative. Image content must be of good quality and well optimized so it won’t take much time while loading. Use alt tag for all images so search engines can find your images and give you extra advantages.

Payment gateway is a core activity of any ecommerce business. Integrate payment gateways which are most sought after in your areas. Checkout page is main conversion page in your Yahoo! store so make checkout page user friendly. Add call of action there and win the customers.

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