Yahoo Store with Enhanced Specials and Promotional Features

By admin Feb 10, 2021, 8:40:23 AM , In Web Development

Having an online business itself is not enough to be make it successful as the default setting Yahoo Store provides is not that attractive in a competitive world to create the magic you would want your customers to experience. And to create that magic you will need some of the Yahoo Store Special Features that are available through third party application development.

So lets look at some of the special features and some promotional aspects: click here

Dynamic Product Attribute Chart:

The size chart, color table, product specifications / attributes for metal, jewelry, clothing etc can be displayed with any other kind of additional information you want to provide for your products in a dynamic chart style.

Emphasis Graphics:

It will open an auto sliding menu for the floating shopping cart that your visitors can view from any page instead of going to the check out to see what they have in their shopping cart or having the floating shopping cart placed on the side bar of your website.

Enhanced Quantity Pricing Display:

This is for those who buy in bulk. This option shows the customers how much discount they can get when buying in a particular quantity through various quantity slabs to choose from.

Coupon Management:

Yahoo Store coupon manager manages special coupon codes and gift certificates provided on specific products on the fly. This helps in better customer relation as it becomes easy to track the repeat customers with coupon code being tracked.

You Save Display:

A great promotional activity where the discount prices are displayed if there is a sale going on in your store. This way your customers can come to know of various offers and great price difference and benefits.

Randomly Displayed Best Sellers:

This is one of the options that provide something new everyday. The best sellers are randomly displayed on the homepage so that the customers get something new every time they visit.

Email Marketing/Newsletter Design:

A well designed custom HTML newsletter/email template that you can use in your email programm / Constant Contact / Campaigner or just any other program!

So these are few of the Yahoo Store Features that can give your Yahoo Store that extra edge that you always wanted. Try these on and you will instantly see the difference.

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