MetroGram Live: IndiaNIC’s First Successful Windows 8 App

By admin Mar 2, 2013, 6:27:29 AM , In Our Work & Products

MetroGram Live is IndiaNIC’s first application for the Windows 8 platform, and this very first Windows application from our company has successfully made its way into the list of top Windows 8 application of the week with excellent ratings of 4.5. Once again, kudos to our app developers for developing such a useful app and prove their efficiency in Windows 8 platform too.

MetroGram Live is an intuitive application for Windows 8 users. This application enables users to experience the best features of Instagram by leveraging benefits of the crisp design of Windows 8 OS. Unlike traditional social app, this Instagram photo-viewer client app comes loaded with features like photo pinning and sharing and posting comments on the photos with perfect ease.