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About project

The client offers book printing services through converting WhatsApp chat into a customized book. While making both the soft copy (eBook) and hard copy, the client facilitates the customers to edit or modify WhatsApp chats or WhatsApp history.

Chatgefluster is an eCommerce website that gives a new dimension to the client’s business through offering an online platform and facilitates self-editing of WhatsApp chats.


Automation of the book-editing procedure while shifting the entire procedure toward the customers was the prime objective of the project.

Initially, the client converted the WhatsApp chats into an eBook and showed the customers. Customers suggested the changes and the client implemented them while preparing a hard copy.

The client wished to get rid of this process while offering the facility of changing and editing texts online to the customers.

Our Strategy

IndiaNIC integrated ‘Chat Editor’ in the website enabling the client to offer online chat addition and modification facility to the customers. A shopping module with desired features was implemented by the experts at IndiaNIC while developing an ecommerce website for the client. ‘Time Frame’ facility was added to facilitate the display of WhatsApp chat history based on date.


Made for

German users

Technologies Used

Angular Js


IndiaNIC implemented an innovative concept of ‘Chat Editor’ for the first time in the client’s website. The client witnessed the significant growth in business after having a functional website with desired features. The customized website has converted the manual work of client into an automated process and enhanced the productivity of the client’s business.