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Designing a unified platform for all event needs and hosting experiences.

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Defining the problem

Have you ever wondered how many public and private events and weddings happen in a single day across America? The numbers are outrageous and there is no specific platform to manage all things event related. The idea behind Gatzbe was to get all possible stakeholders together on a single platform to enhance the overall experience of an event from start to end.

“According to the bureau of statistics, the event and conference industry is booming & can be expected to expand another 44% by the year 2020.”


Market research

  • Our initial research showed that people looking to host an event have to shuffle between different vendor and venue booking apps.
  • There aren’t many solutions available in the market that brings vendors, venue providers and hosts all on one platform to simplify the entire process and tie the event industry together.

Enhancing the idea

  • Our team carried out an extensive requirement gathering phase to understand the scope of the project and how IndiaNIC’s expertise could come in handy to enhance and refine the existing idea.
  • We outlined that Gatzbe is a solution for everyone from an individual providing event services to a venue provider, whether its a caterer or a decorator or the host seeking these services.
  • All in all the idea of Gatzbe was to not just digitize the event industry and create a platform that’s reliable and efficient and works with a few taps but also to come out as a hero and address real user problems both offline and online.
Gatzbe Identifying Users

Identifying users

Our first instinct when designing any solution is to identify the users and then balance both the end users desires and our client’s business needs. We first identified the four main users

Next we moved on to identifing various features that would enhance the UX of the entire app. We outlined the user journey of all three users through mindmapping their entire user flow.

Identifing features that hook user experience

Gatzbe FlowChart

Understanding user flows


The Design Process

Conceptualization of design

Gatzbe Design Wireframe
Gatzbe Design Check Wireframe

When we get down to designing any product, our team of UI/UX designers take over and get a firm understanding of the features and how they need to be visualized and integrated. To achieve that we moved onto creating wireframes

Before moving onto visual design we took care of a few major aspects to make the user experience truly remarkable and unlike any other platform.

We ensured that our users can achieve and complete tasks that they intend to with minimum effort. To achieve that we designed the website and app in a way that the user can get maximum information with minimum clicks.

Core UX feature designs

Gatzbe Vendor Listing

Vendor listing

As there’s a wide range of vendors that come in handy during any event, The client and our team did a detailed listing out of all the possibilities and ruled out each vendors scale of service to ensure the utmost user experience for everyone involved.

Gatzbe Booking Management

Booking management

As the event industry still largely functions on offline bookings, it was important for our team to keep the challenges faced by vendors and venue providers in mind. For that we incorporated an option where providers can select dates on which they are sold out outside the Gatzbe platform.

Gatzbe Common login

Common login

One of the other things we did to keep the UX seamless and in touch with the idea of fabricating event experiences was designing a common registration and login for all three users. Even though the client wanted separate logins we designed a common registration and login for all three users.

Gatzbe Preference Boosting

Preference boosting

We decided to introduce a promotional strategy for all three users in the app. If the vendor or venue provider wanted to appear right on top of the search feed or the host wanted booking preference over others, they could pay more and benefit from the service.

Gatzbe Aesthetic Design

Visual & Aesthetic design

We create designs that change norms and please users because we believe that if a design isn’t visually pleasing then users will quickly judge to not use the platform.

We tried and tested various colours and themes for the platform. After using thematic UI references and playing around with different representations, we had a revelation about our clients specific need. So we went above and beyond to deliver just what he needed.

The client wanted the theme to be inspired from the movie “The Great Gatsby”, which is also where the name comes from. “Gatsby” also means extravagant and that’s what we wanted our design to reflect.

Color palette

We went with a combination of black vs gold and mostly all bold and ethereal colours which gave a royal and elegant touch to the platform. We also wanted to give a celebratory emotion to our design so we kept the look and feel very lively yet sophisticated.

Gatzbe Color Palette


The typography was also done in a way that it wouldn’t overwhelm the user and would create a sense of excitement of something good coming up.

Gatzbe Font Family

“ For us, good design is definitely what works well but also that specifically looks good. Yes, even the other wayround.

The Final Takeaway

The boom in the online event booking industry is not a hidden secret, It’s out there and it’s real. We challenged ourselves to design a go to platform, that would be top notch in terms of user experience and functionality. The expectation of our client was to create an industry leading platform and that’s exactly what our UI/UX designers did.

Gatzbe Final Design

I am excited to go forward with the current design of the GATZBE app. It has been such a great and informative process to work with team IndiaNIC and I’m excited to move forward and get this launched! Thank you

Josh Chamberlain

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