Job Reporting System


About project

The client is one of the biggest field and engineering services providers of the US. The client contacted IndiaNIC through an intermediary/consultant, and gives work in bulk since the inception of the project. Job Reporting System is a customized enterprise mobility solution designed and developed by IndiaNIC for addressing the client’s requirements.


The client offers employees and equipment as a service to big engineering and construction firms. The client has never revealed objectives to IndiaNIC, and the company gets work through a consultant who step-by-step reveals the project details while giving work in bulk through different Sprints.

Initially, the client’s employees had to fill the site supervisor’s report/field report manually on site. The supervisors also had to fill the lengthy form containing employee working hours and equipment usage details. The client has an automated Payroll/accounting system. The client found it difficult and cumbersome to collaborate both manual and automated processes.

The client also felt need to integrate overtime and other work-related features in both admin panel and a customized mobile app for the sake of simplification of business operations. The facility to enter the data using mobile devices even when the Internet is not available was to be integrated using the technological advancements.

Our Strategy

A customized admin panel was developed for the client to fetch both employee and supervisor data from the bespoke mobile app. It is further synchronized with the client’s automated accounting system. An offline mode was integrated to save both employee and supervisor data in their devices in case of no Internet access during or after filling data.

For facilitating entries of the same employees and instruments for more than a day, a Clone Report was designed that needs to change only the date and hours, thereby saving time and energy of the supervisors while making them free from repetitive data.

IndiaNIC proposed to host the customized app on the client’s server instead of keeping it as a third-party app because the third-party app platforms keep the app temporarily. Feedback option is integrated in an app to facilitate communication between employees and an employer.


Made for

Labor contractors and employees of the client.

Technologies Used



The client has got rid of tedious manual and digital process collaboration. An enterprise-grade mobile app enabled the client to facilitate the business process while automating a manual process. The client witnessed enhancement in productivity and flexibility through simplifying complex business processes. Employees can now leverage the benefits of enterprise mobility while filling information on the move.