Mind-matching Web & Mobile App for Compatibility Check

Our client, a well-traveled couple, contacted Team IndiaNIC to develop a mind-matching website and mobile app on both, Android and iOS, for compatibility checks. The concept was excellent, to figure out your new best friend or even a partner to share the rest of your life with via a series of puzzles and quizzes.

Project Brief

The WordPress professionals (for website) and Flutter experts (for mobile) of IndiaNIC worked through a complex algorithm with a lot of conditions to make the mind-matching work perfectly between any two people.

The users can use the Let’s Relate app to mind-match love or arrange marriages, can check the compatibility in relationship, love, and friendship. It also helps users to connect with like-minded people. This app was also meant to be used by those who wanted to check the mind-matching scores with famous celebs and leaders.

Faced Challenges

Mind-matching algorithm development was extremely complex and loaded with numerous conditions.

Let’s Relate mobile app is developed in 14 different languages. Unreal, isn’t it? Also, given the complexity of the algorithm along with the number of topics and quizzes based on different walks of life, generating fully functional advanced mind-match category charts was a challenging task for the team.

The team went through an intense R&D to come up with an appealing and user-friendly UX. The difficult part of R&D proved to be a blessing in disguise. As a result, gamification with peacock and its tail elements were added to the home screen. The design team was responsible to make all the elements of the gamification features to be moving and resizing.

Project Approach

As simple as the project ideas looked, the developed process was as complex and difficult. To match up with what was required from us considering this project, a workshop with the dev team to identify and acknowledge the most challenging part of the project. Wireframing was started following the UI designs and Business Rules of the project without fail.

No sooner the designs were approved, Database design/development started along with API documentation and front-end development using WordPress and Flutter to develop UI prototype on web and mobile platforms respectively. API integration started as soon as the UI prototype was completed. The close collaboration with the client was commendable as the quick responses and feedback helped the team to develop and deliver the match-making mobile app in time.

Key Benefits

  • The app provides users with simple but effective tests to check their compatibility with friends, relatives, and potential partners.
  • In times of Covid pandemic, it is a useful app that could help people to know more about their potential partners and loved ones to perform compatibility checks to move forward or to know more about them how they think, especially when we cannot meet or socialize in public places.
  • There are free as well as paid quizzes in the app that is destined to provide fun and engagement to the users.
  • The quizzes are easy to share with link-sharing where you can check the compatibility score with colored indicators too.
  • Multi-lingual support in this application will help people coming from various backgrounds to check compatibility in their national language. This will improve the user experience and user retention.

Close collaboration & instant response between teams helped to deliver the project in time.


The couple (client) was extremely delighted by the efforts Team IndiaNIC put in. They told the dev team that now they could see their imaginary ideas into the actual reality. They promised another collaboration for their future endeavors.

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