Snoopy Whoopy

Puzzle & Arcade

Behind the Scenes

Our creative artists came up with a cute short story. We liked the story, so we decided to make a game based on that story. We made many prototypes to finalize the game mechanics and then started creating the first 40 levels of the game. The game is based on the stone age of mankind featuring our character Snoopy.

The Concept

Snoopy peeps into the volcano and bends a little too much. His curiosity turns into an exciting adventure. With a courageous heart and a creative mind he is on his way up to escape from the perilous volcano. Help him in his quest to reach the top and be a free bird again.



The biggest challenge for us was to decide the appropriate name for our character. Finally after a lot of brainstorming we locked in “Snoopy”. Our art team faced a lot of challenges giving the exact look of the stone age along with the coder optimizing the game to run it smoothly on the mobile devices. The physics engine took a good amount of time to develop as our game is totally based on physics.