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How we helped the cannabis community share content freely.

About The Weed Tube

The idea evolved when Youtube, the worlds largest video browsing platform started banning content curators from uploading marijuana content. The Weeb Tube being born out of need was the client’s passion that went beyond making cannabis videos and helping the marijuana community altogether. He also had over a million followers on Youtube which he lost due to the ban on his channel. Side by side when he saw the staggering decline of cannabis channels on Youtube, he approached IndiaNIC to design a similar experience to Youtube for all the weed loving community and keep the industry from sinking.

Our Research

  • “We prohibit content offering the sale of certain highly regulated substances, like marijuana. When we’re made aware of this type of content, we remove it,” a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement.
  • Cannabis channels are fantastic educational tools for growers and consumers to share strain and grow information. They are also great for activists, medical caregivers & patients.
  • An artice by the revealed, that post the ban of many youtube channels, several content curators had to create their own websites/blogs and share links. This was a rather unorganized way of sharing content and a loss for thousands of people looking for cannabis video content.

Enhancing the idea

After a detailed analysis and requirement gathering, we went onto further lay the scope of the project and define user journeys and end goals. As this platform was born out of a need for all the cannabis content uploaded, shared and viewed freely, we only had one thing in mind while designing the user interfaces. They should be seamless and provide a unique and relevant experience similar to that of industry leaders.

The design challenge

One of the main challenges we faced while conceptualizing the platform was to give it a thematic UI reference as well as keep it minimal and clean. To achieve simplicity and keep users at the center of our design we had to shuffle between various colors for the background to create energy and provide a unique feel.

Identifying users challenges

One of the most important goals of the platform was to provide inspiration, ideas, entertainment and information for all things cannabis and otherwise. We had to incorporate all these factors and align them with our user’s preferences and provide the most relevant content first. To do so we wanted to create a curated news feed showing the top posts as well as trending videos.

Application Design

Along with creating a web version we also had to create an app to ensure that users can easily switch from web to app without compromising on the overall user experience. We designed two versions of the app, One in dark and one in light, which changed according to the time of the day.


The “Featured” Screen

The video content listed under the “featured” tab was designed to help users get hold of videos that likeminded users were viewing and enjoying. The idea behind this was to create a community of users who share the same likes for cannabis content for relaxation.

The Video Screen

We tried to keep the experience around the video screen very similar to that of youtube, with just a few tweaks here and there. Adding a few alterations to icons and buttons, we kept the overall feel and look very minimal so users can trust and enjoy the platform just as they enjoyed Youtube.

Create Playlists

One of the key features was to create playlists for the content that users liked or wanted to view later. This was an added functionality to enhance the overall likeability and acceptance of the platform. Different playlists could be shared with several friends across The Weed Tube platform.

The Profile Screen

For every users registered to The Weed Tube, the profile screen is designed with personal information, picture and a cover photo. We also kept it really clean and tried to fit maximum information in minimum space.

The Final Take Away

The Weed Tube’s success is no secret. Many blogs, articles, and influencers promote The Weed Tube. People with likes of Youtube have highly recommended the Cannabis community to get together on the platform and continue sharing, browsing and enjoying content just like they once did.

“I met one of the team members from IndiaNIC in Cali. They left no stone unturned in turning my vision into reality. For real”.