Human Resources Software

About project

DealHero is an iPhone app that allows an organization to record the data of candidates being interviewed, rate the candidates on different criteria and access the rating history within the app. The App Provides Immersive Mobile Candidate Experience, Keeping Applicants Engaged throughout Interview Process.


Our challenge was to create an application who fulfil the corporate needs of the recruitment, but in an intuitive way that helps capture the information in quick yet efficient way. The core experience was the center point of producing this app and eliminate papers.

Our Strategy

Udex application gives all the authorities to corporate users to add their required positions, criteria, candidates, interviewer(s) for the interview. The interviewers can rate and put their opinion on each candidate. The super admin has to just moderate everything and take the actions where it requires.


Made for

Any corporate company who wants to take interview and rate them for higherment

Technologies Used



Complete corporate iOS application where companies can manage their candidate reports of the recruitment.

Distributed via Enterprise Only