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A unique social media platform for celebrities and their followers.

Using golden circles

Zinzi’s logo was designed using the golden ratio concept. After many brainstorming sessions and various versions later, our logo design specialist used the concept of golden ratio for balance, order and harmony to create a unique design for Zinzi’s logo.

Many big names such as Apple, Twitter & Pepsi have used the golden ratio concept while designing their logos. It helped us simplify complicated patterns by breaking them down into smaller components to make a whole. This helped create a strong structure as well as a visually appealing logo.

The final one

The final logo along with its typography was presented in two colours from the same gradient theme. We helped the client finalise on white background to keep the logo minimal yet help its edges stand out. Overall the logo along with its typography were complimenting each other.

Walk Through Screens

To make the design stand out and attract users, we created very unique walkthrough screens. As the client wanted us to come up with something that wasn’t done before, we decided to give a liquid effect with a 3D touch. This enhanced the overall concept and gave it an added element. Even for us, this was a first. But only because we could deliver better than what was asked, bagged us great appreciation from the client.

The Users

The two users were ‘The Celebrities’ and ‘The Followers’. The celebrities were registered by admin after the admin gathered personal data.

Once the celebrity profile was created they could post exclusive content for their followers, which once posted on Zinzi couldn’t be posted anywhere else.




I’m glad that we choose your company, your level of professionalism is profound. We will definitely bring all our business to you guys.

Kenny Kolokoto