About Kalpesh

Passionate about games and all stuff connected with computer graphics, Kalpesh has an extensive background in implementing all kinds of games-related tasks, ranging from highly optimised math- extensive algorithms to application architecture and backends of real-time multiplayer games.

Kalpesh is a strong team player and a great leader. He has successfully built a strong team of creative artists and skilled programmers to start an in-house game development studio. He is responsible for product development, client management, project timelines & deliveries, resource management and product life cycles. He also has experience of working with many offshore/onsite projects. His other skills include Concept Development, Game Architecture Building, Production & Resource Management and Monetisation Strategies & Product Life Cycle Management.

With CMT – Escape becoming 2nd Best Racing Game on iTunes Store (over 8 million downloads so far), MathsMania Game selected as Note & New-worthy Game by Apple and Cell Connect featuring on iTunes store, Kalpesh continues to develop himself in this field and play a significant role in developing complex and challenging games.

Kalpesh is proud of his success in delivering 350+ mobile games. He’s won best Indie Game award in Reliance-Pocket Gamer Conference, Pune Chapter.