About Samir

A true app aficionado. Samir loves exploring stuff at the intersection of brands, people, and technology – in fact, he’s worked in digital for his entire career. He currently serves as a trusted advisor to startups, SMBs and Enterprises in moving their business the mobile way. Samir has been a certified consultant from Microsoft,Google and is a passionate advocate for easy User Experience and clean design aesthetic. He can often be found in his car travelling across country.

Samir has over a decade’s experience in sales, marketing, business development and mobility consulting, having worked with couple of fortune 500 companies he carries fundamental skills to identify problems and understand where the value can be added in a product by thinking both critically and strategically. Responsible for specifying the functionality of your product, Samir ensures all requirements have been understood, identified and documented.

He believes in converting good things to better things and is on lookout always to find some thrills and tasks to run around. He makes sure that whatever information he has, he passes on to team to make sure that when they meet over a break they have something in common to discuss and debate about . In support of this purpose he spends most of his days working with businesses solve their complex problems by ways of technology, design, marketing and strategy and constantly reading about various news online, exploring more than 100+ apps that you can find on his Smartphone.

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