About Sharad

For the past decade Sharad Joshi has been active in business, design and startups. From an early stage he knew that design is his passion. He specialises in User Centred Design (UCD), Web & Mobile Application Usability, rapid HTML prototyping, Information Architecture & Navigation Design. With his personable approach, ability to communicate complex ideas into non-technical terms and with his consistent engagement throughout the entire process of a project he gives an outstanding customer experience.

Sharad enjoyed working on various projects for a range of different clients. With each client there’s a new and exciting problem to solve. Whether it’s a Healthcare, Real Estate, Hoteling, Insurance, FMCG & Retail, Learning & Education or Politics domain he’s always been proficient in creating original and innovative solutions.

He built numerous successful product features, planning the user experience from the ground up. This included system analysis & finalisation/understanding of technical and functional specifications, design, development, AB/ Heuristics Analysis & testing, troubleshooting & debugging of the Mobile applications & web portals. His other responsibilities include user testing, designing the visuals of the UI, coding up the front end interface elements and working with developers to make the design a reality.

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