Discovery Workshop

Shaping up ideas into robust solutions

Everything begins with a genuine idea. But there must be reasons behind why all ideas do not transform into what others call, a “Success”. To avoid such calamities, IndiaNIC gives paramount importance to a custom designed Discovery Workshop, just for you. Let’s know more about it!

discovery process for software development

The Purpose

“The goal of Discovery Workshop is to educate our clients to provide thorough information through brainstorming sessions before the development cycle begins. This will help us to deliver a robust, unique and out-of-the-box solution with stunning UI/UX design using the most advanced technologies”.

The core purpose is not only to share project requirements, but also to understand client expectations and facilitate them with our quality and experience.

Forefronts of Discovery Workshop


Allowing our entire team to get complete understanding of our client’s business, vision and goals.


Allowing us to make our own assumptions and research any aspect that we might feel differently about.


Allowing UI/UX and development teams to go through detailed information for flawless deliverables

Allowing UI/UX and development teams to go through detailed information for flawless deliverables

In more simpler terms, for a software development or mobile app development project, Discovery Workshop is the pre-development stage of gathering and sharing relevant project information between client and the project team. The platform for information sharing could be on site/off site meetups and online conferences.


A specially curated session is a project initiation process to shape up your ideas, engineer your requirements and to take your product merely from a concept to advanced development stages in lesser time.

What can a client expect during these sessions?

Analyse, identify and present information on core vision, industry problems, strategic analysis, niche targets, project scope, etc.

What can a project team do for you?

Explore the subject area and business flow, identify bottlenecks and present relevant solutions, organize the clutter, create a roadmap.

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