Three Partners came to IndiaNIC for looking to develop a solution where local merchants can get connected to users and provide their services at a discounted cost and IndiaNIC help them develop the marketplace.
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About Project

website is that Suppliers can offer their products (or services) to Customers which are registered on the website. The products offered are registered in the system as a “Campaign”. Based on city or on the distance between the Supplier’s address and the Customer’s location, the System will inform interested Customers by eMail, via the free available IOS or Android APP. Customers are interested if their type of interest matches the Supplier’s type of business.


  • Surprise Campaign Creation
  • Surprise Campaign Management
  • Customer,Supplier,Country,City and Branch Management
  • Payment integration docdata-Recurring payment
  • Credit Management
  • user can see and modify ,delete reviews and ratings of Campaign